Post op day 1 dr milligan

Meditation to clear the mind of negative thoughts, I followed my bliss by explaining my mind, body and soul that pain is life. The surgery was at 1pm and Dr. Milligan greeted me and prayed with me which is the first thing I asked to do. He informed me he will take out as much as he can and the styloid ligament. I feel a little vertigo and off balance still but it’s one day after surgery this is the one thing I informed my brain that it’s not going to go away soon. The swelling is pulling my jaw and I hear a little clicking on my TMD I do have a misaligned jaw from bruxism. No headaches, and most of my symptoms were fading away toward surgery my mind was telling me exactly what had to be done. I was afraid but I kept whispering god is holding my hand, it’s going to take time to heal. On the way home I forgot to pick up my nausea medication so I threw up in the car. It felt good but I knew I had to get food in my system, in three months I will be having the left side while I receive treatment of my jaw and teeth. The first night I could not sleep because I was too busy worrying if it worked. If it fixed all my problems & I kept telling my wife that did I make the correct decision? My jaw was still slanted and my bite was still off but it takes time, there is still a lot of swelling. The narcotic medication has not been taken I’m only using Tylenol but my neck is just stiff well specially on the right side. While I listen to my gospel Kanye west album I took several naps. I ate three bowls of soup, taking plenty of water, waking 15 minutes a day and laying down helps me a lot. To me it’s just fear of going through this some PTSD but the body takes its time. Thank you so much for you’re prayers and guidance I will be following your advice. Time heals and that is the miracle that god gave me, time.

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It’s looking good! Hopefully you’ll start to feel better & notice improvements in the ES symptoms.
I think from others’ experiences with TMJD that it’s a good idea to get the ES surgery out the way before you do too much correcting your teeth, concentrate on healing from the ES surgery…
Best wishes!

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Beautiful display of healing inside and out, you are well on your way! Will be sending you all good in this time, peace and stay hydrated!

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ice, ice, ice. It helps swelling and pain.

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@emma when did you you’re TMD start improving? Did it take a couple weeks or months?

My Tmj pain has taken months but it has been improving all along. Most pain was on the left.That surgery was done 13 months ago. The right one was 7 months ago.The TMJ pain has been very slow to fade completely on the left side. Tight muscles cause the pain.
I read my surgery notes and the doc had to cut the sternocleidomastoid muscle and the digastric muscle on the first surgery. Both those muscles are important to jaw function and neck function. I have been massaging and releasing those muscles daily. My neck therapy has helped and just recently, I started craniosacral therapy for my entire spine. The therapist concentrates on releasing all those muscles. So far, after 3 visits, it seems to be very effective in getting rid of the TMJ.
I suspect that you will do well. PM me, if you wish.

Perfect! I relate my story to you because it is so similar my problems started with a toothache and I dislocated my tmj. I have stem cell therapy treatment coming up soon but my dentist did recommend a cranial therapist for a release of muscles. In one month I will look forward to work and then getting my teeth put back on as you can see I’m missing two upper molars from clenching so hard

Thank you :pray:t5:

I agree w/ everyone. Your incision looks great & I’m so glad you’re already seeing some good improvement from surgery. You’re so right that full recovery will be
S-L-O-W, but it will happen. Listen to your body & take it easy for the first couple of months post op. I’m glad you’re looking forward to going back to work.