Post op day two

So this is the start of day two after left external surgery, my pain isn’t too bad. I had a red rash on both sides of my neck (idk if this is a reaction to prednisone). I feel really tired still. I am able to swallow but it hurts to open my mouth wide. My only complaint really so far is that I feel like there is a small lump halfway down my neck when I swallow. The doctors said that this could be from the body learning to compensate without the ligament that was detached. But so far nothing too bad, just waiting and healing. Anyone else had a lump feeling after surgery?

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Glad that your pain’s not too bad, that’s good! I didn’t feel a lump, but it could as the doctor suggests, or otherwise maybe from the nerves having been irritated during surgery- the feeling of something stuck in your throat that many members feel as an ES symptom is usually from irritated nerves rather than the styloid actually poking them, so perhaps this could be similar? Just a guess, hopefully someone else will chip in with their experience…
Keep taking care of yourself :smiley: :pray:


Tired is good. It’s your body’s way of keeping you down so it can heal. Inflammation is also good because it’s your body’s protective mechanism for the injured area. It’s like your body is putting a little cushion around the area so it’s protected & can heal w/o further injury.

I didn’t get my full energy back till about 2 months after surgery though I did a 15K (9.3 mi) running event at 6 weeks post op. It was waaaay too soon, & it set my recovery back & flared pain in my throat & neck for awhile. The problem I had after surgery wasn’t a lump feeling but the feeling that my throat was closing up. At first, I attributed that to the breathing tube & post op swelling, but later (as in during the race when it happened), I realized, as Jules said, it was most likely from nerves trying to heal. Pushing myself too soon after surgery was a good lesson to me about how important it is to listen to my body & stop when pushing when it asks. I’m less careful about that now but there’s always a price to pay for overdoing especially as we get older.

As has been said, the first week post op is the toughest. By the end of next week, you may be feeling significant positive changes. Remember that nerves are slow to heal so recovery from ES surgery can take a number of months. Patience is key.


Thank you for the advice, have there been people have headaches or kinda feeling “out of it” almost like pressure in the head? I’ve just felt kinda weak and a little disoriented since surgery. But I figured it me just being off from sedation and everything.

What you’re experiencing is a pretty typical response to anesthesia &/or feeling weak/disoriented can also be a side effect of the pain med. It takes 2-3 days for the effects of the anesthesia to wear off.

You’re likely still in the post op “honeymoon period”. That’s the time the drugs from surgery are still in your system & helping numb post op pain to some degree & keep swelling down. When they wear off, pain & swelling can become worse. That’s why ice & keeping on the pain medication schedule is important. If you allow pain to build by not taking meds & icing, it can take several days for meds to “catch up” & reduce the pain. Keeping your head elevated to 30º whenever you lie down should also help reduce headaches & post op swelling. Because pain meds can be constipating, make sure to take a laxative & stool softener daily as long as you take the meds. I used CALM - magnesium citrate powder - because I liked the fact I could mix it to the strength that worked best for me. Besides that, Mag cit is a natural muscle relaxer.

If you had vascular compression, a post op headache is somewhat common, but some people get a headache for a few days from the anesthesia. If it persists beyond the first week or intensifies, please call Dr. Nuss.

Is the rash/redness in your neck less today? I hope so! It looked uncomfy.

I hope this info is reassuring. The first week is the worse. You’ll feel somewhat better starting next week. :two_hearts:

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The rash is gone now and I’m started back on my prednisone. I had jugular compression and I think that taking away extra pressure in my head that’s been there for years could cause the dizziness. I feel like it’s going to take time to adjust.

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My swallowing is better today I just get kinda a dissociation feeling when I walk around or do to much right now.

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I went through the exact same thing even w/o vascular compression. Others who’ve had VC said it took a couple of weeks for their heads to clear & for vascular symptoms to noticeably begin subsiding. As you said, it will take time. Just be patient w/ your body. Let this be a “rest” week.

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I just feel dizzy and like I’m here but it hard to perceive what I’m doing. And it’s 90% of the time when I stand or move. I really hope this gets better. Any report of vertigo feeling after surgery? This dizziness has just gotten worse since leaving the hospital. Vitals are fine my 3 lead ekg I did at home is normal sinus. And I’m completely oriented. I feel like I did when this first began. I’m just hoping it’s the pressure changes in my head or swelling. This stuff stinks feeling this way :sweat_smile: but you did say the first week is the worst. Any of these things seem too out of wack for y’all?
Sorry for the ramble I’m just dizzy and writing.

I’ve had that spacey weird feeling as well. I also had vascular compression. It’s not all the time for me but occasionally I’ve felt strange. I don’t know for sure, but have wondered if restoring normal blood flow affected me somehow and my body is readjusting. I also was very tired and drugged from anesthesia and pain meds! I barely remember the first four or five days even though I know I was up doing stuff and posting here. I felt “normal” but I was out of it. It will get better. Just hang in there!


Yeah that’s what I am wondering but only time will tell. I’m not going to the ER unless I’m unconscious, all I will get from there is a bill and someone saying it’s anxiety. :sweat_smile: been there done that a few times lol but thanks for the help.


Hey Caleb,
My cerebral blood flow has been restricted, corrected, altered and messed with a few times and PHEW those spacey weird sensations, that’s pretty normal. Any change in cerebral blood flow (more flow or less flow) will have an effect. Over the years subtle changes, slow restriction, is much less noticeable, but when normal flow is restored or less restricted, that additional flow can take a while for both the body and mind to adjust too. My last major neurosurgery was back in 2013 and still today I go to stand up, I see stars and if I don’t brace myself ( grab a wall or furniture) I can find myself on the floor.

Now, I admit my situation is not ES related. But when it comes to blood flow and the brain, let’s just say I have some first hand experience. Both the body and mind can adjust, it just takes time. Those ‘spacey weird sensations’ have become ‘normal’ and I’ve learnt to get up and give my body time to adjust. It’s slowed me down somewhat, but that’s better than finding myself on the floor, wondering what on earth just happened.

Merl from the Modsupport Team


Hang in there, hopefully it’ll settle soon, it will take you a little while to adjust, & is very early days yet :hugs:

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Thank you for sharing your experiences, it’s just unnerving right now. Thoughts of “is my cerebral flow better now?” “Is it worse?” “ did I make the right decision on getting the surgery?”
All swirling in my head. On top of everything else. I’m just going to slow down try not and worry and take it one day at a time.

What procedures did you have done to change your blood flow? If you don’t mind me asking?

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Thank you Jules, some of the positives are that my swallowing has gotten better, and I can walk to the kitchen and be upright for a few minutes without feeling completely awful. I know I sound like a big pansy complaining and asking questions all the time. :sweat_smile:

I’m glad you are finally on the other side? Who did you finally get to do your surgery? I hope you have a speedy and smooth recovery!

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No apologies required here, Calebp! You’re not a pansy by any means!! You’ve just had major surgery, & the after effects are weird & disconcerting. Just keep reassuring yourself that some of it is medication side effects, some is caused by post op inflammation & some is your brain adjusting to better blood flow. In a few weeks things will be much better.

Not at all, it’s a worry when you can’t see what’s going on inside! As long as you keep focusing on the positives, & remind yourself that surgery takes a while to recover from you’ll be fine, patience is hard but needed! :hugs:

Dr Nuss in Baton Rouge, he is one of the nicest people I have met.


I’m so happy for you and I wish you a speedy recovery.