Post Op Exercise?

Question for post op from ES surgery. I had one side taken out in May (8.2 cm) and one in Aug (6.0 cm) of this year. My surgeon told me to now really massage my neck with force, because parts of the neck were still sore. I have been doing massages and it has helped a lot. I have even had some cracking noises, which I hope was putting things back where they belong. Has anyone else had this problem and what exercises, PT, massages, or etc. did you do. I had a lot of problems from ES, but the main symptom was not being able to breathe when bending over. This is so much better, but not normal yet. Thanks for your help.


So pleased that you have seen some improvements! I think it would be a good idea to see a physiotherapist for advice, & hopefully others can chip in with their experiences, others have had much more PT & massage treatment than I have. I didn’t have the cracking, but continued the gentle neck stretches I was given to do for my neck before surgery, which helped. I still massage around the scar 7 years on as it still gets tight at times!


Hi @Cody,
What good news that you’re doing better since your surgeries! You ou could try using moist heat on you neck (warm shower or bath) prior to massage to loosen muscles a bit might help u you our massage be even more effective. You could also try the reverse i.e. shower afterward. If you take a bath, put a cup of epsom salt in the water as it has muscle relaxing properties as well.

I agree w/ Jules that seeing a PT who is experienced w/ neck work would be a good option.

It took a year for some of my symptoms to quietly slip away so you may find the breathing challenge when you’re bent over will continue to improve as the months pass. I have first bite syndrome that has lingered for 8 yrs but is still continuing to become less & less of a problem which tells me that nerves can continue to heal far beyond the year mark.