Flare up 5 months post ES surgery while working out

Hello all -

I apologize for my absence for awhile as we cared for our son that started a new round of infusion treatments.

Please continue to share your experiences as this forum has been a wonderful support group during my pre/post ES surgery with Dr. Hackman. Thank you all!!!

Real quick - I started working out (nothing too crazy - treadmill and pushups, some band training) and I am not sure if it is that, or just a relapse, but my throat pressure and pain has returned, along with the occasional migraines. Has anyone else experienced that after 5 months of a bilateral ES surgery?

Thank you!!!


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That’s rough for your son, and for you as parents, thinking of you :hugs:
I did have other neck problems which prevented me from getting back to the exercise I was doing before surgery, so can’t comment exactly, but it sounds like it has aggravated things, so maybe take the workout back a step? Maybe just try the treadmill & not the push ups, that’s quite a strain on the neck…Nerves can take even up to a year to heal properly, so hopefully it’s just a temporary blip & that they’ve been aggravated a bit?

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@JPB - I’m almost 9 years out from my first ES surgery (8 for my second) & still find there are activities that I need to moderate because of a few residual ES symptoms. My surgical outcome has been really good & long lasting, but those darn nerves seem to get stirred up more easily when I try something new or push myself hard physically even if they aren’t a problem during my normal daily activities.

As Jules suggested, 5 mos. is still reasonably soon after surgery so things are still healing & will have a tendency to flare up more easily. Keep listening to your body & continue adding new activities gradually waiting for a couple of days between sessions to see how you feel before continuing with them. Perhaps light free weights for upper body work would cause less neck strain (make sure not to hold your breath while using them) & help you accomplish the strength goals you have.

I meant to also say that I’m sorry for what you’re going through with your son. I hope & will pray his body heals fully.

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Thank you, Jules!! This is great feedback and I am following that! It is odd how on Easter I had a moment where I was in awe that I finally experienced a holiday without significant pain in areas caused by ES, and then a few weeks later my symptoms worsened. I think I will head back to Northwestern in Chicago for some injections in the throat area where I feel a sensation of something being stuck. 3-4 months of wonderful reprieve and now it seems things are returning.

I do know when I exercise I have bile regurgitated (or that half throw up where is starts to come up and then you force yourself to swallow - yuck). I wonder if this is part of the healing process or something new.

Thank you, and @Isaiah_40_31 (appreciated that post too), for the way you respond and provide some counsel, affording hope to individuals like me that want to find long lasting freedom from this debilitating condition.

Have a great weekend!!!