Post-op for about 6 hours!

First, Dr Samji and surgical center was best care i could of ask for. The staff there was super nice and went above and beyond to keep my experience great! I have not had this kind of service in a long time. Overall, I am doing good. My swallowing feels more even not shifting to right side. Crackers is going down easier and don’t have to take a sip with every swallowing. My tinnitus or ear ringing is faint before it was like my own burglar alarm system going off in my head…aaahhhh!!! The wedge pillow has helped and ice pack is been on that area. There is some swelling and sore throat on my surgical side. I am keeping on top of my pain with meds, it feels different than before more like surgical pain. Last but not least, THANK YOU for all the kind words and helping me thru this journey!!!

Congrats Amy!!! Now go "night night" before you post something funny on here in your drug induced state :o)

Yeah how are you posting this?? Must be an imposter!!!

But seriously…how very cool to hear that you notice ringing is less-- already?! I love stuff like that: the point when someone notices a definite difference. I wonder how awesome that must be when it happens to a person. The whole process is so intriguing! I'm happy for you!!! What the heck is a wedge pillow?

Yay!! Sooooo happy for you!!

That's amazing that you could post so soon and notice changes already!!

Praying for more relief and speedy recovery :)

Take care and get your rest,


Today, has been painful flair up. My sinuses seem to be draining so idk if that’s what could be the reason. Or probably the swelling is on the operated area. my swallowing is better and not as much dry mouth like pre-surgery. the tinnitus is up but able to drown it out with TV. So taking it easy and icing will be my day.

It has been a week today. I don’t feel so edgy or anxious, and ear ringing has lessened. My left side jaw muscles feel very relaxed compared to the other side. I don’t have as much light and sound sensitivity. I can handle more than one noise at a time. I am not hearing my heartbeat in my ears or eyes not pulsating as well. I don’t have sinus pain around eyes and face. I have some swelling on the side Was operated. So sometimes I do get pain when I take first drink of something. My food does not get stuck in my throat like it did before hand. I just wanted to update of the post-surgical experience.

So glad you are doing so well after the surgery. It is good to hear how we’ll you were treated at the surgicenter. I’m going back to see Dr Samji about surgery on the other side and this time it won’t be at Stanford Hospital. Thank you so much for posting and so soon after surgery!

Fantastic Amy! So good to hear of your improvement so soon from surgery! I am almost 3 weeks out from mine and getting stronger every day! I could not be better as my swallowing improved and pain is more surgical, healing type now. So happy for you!

Amy and Linda

Yay!!! Excited to hear that you are both feeling better and noticing this much improvement this soon!! :)


Hope you can get back in there soon and get relief.

Take care,