3 days Post Op

I had my Post Op today and Dr. Samji said everything looks really good. I had a unique vascular system which took longer than expected. Nd cause of the carotid artery nd neuro glssal nerve that he had to pull nd tug more on the myscles nd tissues than usual. Because of that he had to break/smash the Styloid into pieces to get it out. So there really wasn’t anything for me to see. Ha, he knew that I wanted to see the lil stinker! He says all my nerves are intact and just need to heal from surgery.
Nerves are irritated so I’m struggling with my shoulder, swallowing and some of my smile. But I’m doing good today as long as I stay regimented on my pain pills!!
Thanks for your prayers and support!!!

Sounds like it might need quite a bit of patience with your recovery then, glad you’re keeping up with the pain meds. Hope you can soon feel the benefits of surgery though.
Thinking of you and you’re in my prayers, Jules :tulip:

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So happy to hear your surgery went well LaughingRocks2. What a relief it must be to have it over with. Too bad it didn’t come out whole…what a great conversation piece. HA HA! I’m getting my shopping list and packing together to fly out for my surgery on Nov 6. I’m excited but dreading it at the same time :grinning:

I can’t remember if you said if you flew to San Jose or not. I’m having terrible pressure in my ears and heartbeat whooshing. Hoping I don’t end up in severe pain on the planes due to the pressure. anyone have any thoughts, they’re appreciated. I am trying Sudafed and other decongestants with marginal relief.

Continue to heal and keep up your great outlook and we will look forward to more updates. Wishing you :sun_with_face:

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That is one of the keys to dealing with post op pain. It’s far easier (and better) to keep ahead of the pain than to try to stop it once it gets going.

Keep up the good work, and keep smiling as much as you can.


Maybe one of the nurses can put those in water for you. :blush:


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Yes, we flew into San Jose, so it’s a smaller airport to maneuver around which is even better after surgery too! I’d love to stress that we got a VRBO. More economical that a Hotel suite. So there’s more than one room other than just a “bedroom” so even your husband or friend can relax and watch tv if you’re sleeping. plus, in a hotel you don’t necessarily have access to keep those ice packs frozen.

Wow, I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say about flying. Maybe talk to your Dr about taking something stronger than sudafed? Maybe Bendryl?

Let me know if you have any other questions!! I look forward to hearing how wonderful you feel!! :grinning: :star_struck:

Awww Thanks Seenie!!! they’re beautiful!!! Very sweet!!!


I flew to WY in Feb w/ double ear infections & several days prior to my flight I contacted my ENT’s ofc (I now see Dr. Samji’s associate for non ES related ear issues) & was prescribed a round of Prednisone. I think I took it for 5 days tapering a bit each day. I was only about 2 days into the regimen when I flew but it took the pressure down enough by then that I didn’t have pain. You could ask about trying Prednisone to see if it would take down the inflammation that is likely contributing to your ear pressure.

Hope you are continuing to heal nicely and you keep remembering to take your pain pills :slight_smile: I have the hotels narrowed down to 2 near the surgical center. The airbnb and VRBO’s didn’t work out for me as I need 2 beds in the bedroom, so hotel with mini frig and maybe microwave will be the best situation.
Trying to start packing and sorting. Yesterday we had a freak snowstorm of wet heavy stuff that broke 8 very large limbs off one of my trees. Total mess in the neighborhood.
Not what I needed right now. HA HA!

Continue to get better and posting your progress. We all appreciate it! Have you been able to notice if the pain from the ES has subsided or can’t you tell from the surgery pain?
Best wishes!!!

I’ve been trying the Afrin that my PC and Dr Samji suggested. Getting some help with the whooshing but not so much with the ear pressure pain. Reluctant to try any Pred etc as it causes bleeding for me and don’t want that right now. Everything else is coming along ok. Started packing and just looking forward to surgery and getting some relief. :grinning: So wish I could’v sent this heavy wet snow your way to help with the fires!!!

Yes! I’m pretty much pain free from what I can tell! I’m no longer settling a timer to take pain pills. I started to push them out after a week and now take them only when needed. My problem now is withdrawal since I have been on pain pills for so long. But I can do it!
It’s an odd feeling to have numbness in your face but I just had major surgery! But when the nerves start to wake up, it’s a sharp zap :zap:️! Fun times!
I’m hoping that your surgery goes as smoothly! Especially traveling makes it a lil more challenging but we can boldly say we traveled half way across the country for surgery from one of the best because we’re unique :heart_eyes:.
Take care nd you can keep your snow :snowflake::wink:
Hugs :hugs:

Glad that you’re seeing benefits from surgery!
Gina- I had the same ear pressure, and although it’s pretty much gone now after 2 surgeries, I still get a little from time to time, including when we flew back in the summer. I don’t know what would help it, I’m sorry, but at least things will improve with surgery. Hope your packing goes well. :hugs: to both of you!

Hello Jolleen
I just wanted to check in with you and see how you are mending. I hope all is going well and the surgery was well worth all the effort and pain. :smirk:

It must be nice being back in your own home! Are you able to get back to normal yet?
Was the airline flight home ok after surgery? I guess that’s my biggest concern is flying back one week after surgery.
Time is creeping up on me and surgery is 2 weeks form today. I’m excited to hopefully get rid of all this dastardly pain and sure hope all your ES problems are now gone also.

Be well my eagles friend :bouquet: and do let us know how you are doing now.
Gina :tired_face: :airplane: :bridge_at_night: :mask: :dizzy_face: :grinning:

I’m doing well, sorry for the long silence, I’ve been very busy since I started to look for a new job, :smirk:

I’m almost back to normal, I’m just stilll a little tired after things like shopping or volunteering at church. But I am off all pain meds, just a little ibuprophen once and a while, but that pain is NOTHING compared to ES! I still have the struggles with swallowing and weakness in my shoulder but again, still better than ES!

My shoulder is much better, I’m currently still in Physical therapy. and I have my video swallow eval today. Then I’ll start therapy for that too. I’m still not noticing ES pain, although I am having allot of hearing loss in that ear. I’ll get that checked in a few weeks if that doesn’t get better, I’m prone to ear infections.

Hang in there Gina, relief is right around the corner!!! I’m thinking and praying for you!!! :bouquet::bouquet::bouquet::pray::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Glad that things are going well for you, and that you’re getting help for the swallowing and shoulder issues… After my second op I lost alot of my hearing for a couple of weeks I think, but it’s fine now; I thought they’d slopped the antiseptic down there, it felt weird. But it sorted itself out, hope that yours does too. God Bless!

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Thanks Jules! That must have felt pretty weird! Mine is loss of hearing along with the muffled sound of my own voice. This doesn’t bother me as much. Probably bothers my husband more who has to repeat himself three or four times, :roll_eyes: LOL :joy: