Post op recurrence

I’m at almost 2 years post op from my first surgery . 6/26/19 & 9/27/19, they were both external.
I have started having symptoms again. What are chances of recurrence? Has anyone else experienced this? I also have new bone growth inside my jaw.

Sorry that you’re getting some symptoms back again!
Unfortunately we’re seeing a few members coming back with re-growth, especially if your styloid processes were just shortened rather than taken back to skull base (although even then they can grow back) You can search the discussions to read about other members it’s happened to.
The best bet is to get a new CT if you can to see what’s going on, & take it from there…

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Hi Victoria99,

Somehow I missed this thread back in April. Just wanted to follow up & see if you had a new CT scan. If so, was styloid regrowth seen? I hope you’ve been able to determine the cause of your symptoms & have found some resolution for them.

Would love for you to update us if you are ok doing so.

Hi ES Family. Right now I need a little encouragement. I had a bilateral styloidectomy -intraoral in August. Dr. Hackman performed the surgery. He said that my recovery is proceeding typically for the type of surgery I had. I am in constant pain in both of my ears. I am having severe problems with nasal congestion and it’s difficult to breathe especially at night. my allergist, eagle syndrome can precipitate non- allergic rhinitis and the pain medicine I am taking can cause nasal congestion. I have chronic allergic and non- allergic rhinitis. I am off the pain medicine temporarily until the treatment for this flare-up with rhinitis improves. Right now I just need your encouragement and prayers. My ES has improved since the surgery. Dr. Hackman says that when the swelling subsides, these symptoms will gradually improve. I have lost 35 pounds since the surgery because I could hardly swallow and chew after the surgery. .In the last two weeks, I have been able to eat small portions of solid food. I was on a liquid diet prior to that. The pain in my face, jaws and.neck is almost completely gone. I do experience some discomfort at night… I am getting better. I am optimistic- just had a setback.

So sorry that you’re getting so much pain in your ears & having nasal congestion…recovery is ups & downs,but glad you have seen some improvements…hang in there & of course will pray for you. Are you still sleeping semi-upright? If not it may help. Would a dehumidifier help with the congestion at all? My husband has rhinitis & was put on Flixonase sinus rinse which has really helped, it might be worth asking the allergist about that? Or a course of steroids? Only guessing from what has helped others. I’m sure that it seems a while since surgery for you, but nerves etc can take up to 6 months to heal & settle, sometimes even a year as I’m sure you’ve read, & getting both sides done at once is a big surgery, try not to worry and sending you a hug. God bless :hugs: :pray:

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Thank you so much Jules O for responding. It was uplifting. Thanks for your prayers and hugs. Yes, I will start to night sleeping semi-upright. I haven’t been doing that. As for the nasal congestion, I am using a cool mist humidifier. The allergist did say that if the congestion does not clear up with the two nasal sprays that I am using, she would add steroids. She is cautious right now about the steroids because I am an insulin dependent diabetic. I tolerated the steroids well and maintained satisfactory blood sugar levels when Dr. Hackman had me take them for a short period of time right after the ES surgery Thanks for the suggestion. Today was better than yesterday…

Thank you again for your response and I will be trying some of your suggestions. Please continue to keep me in your prayers.

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Your allergist sounds thorough, that’s good…Glad that today was better, & of course I will keep praying for you.

For some reason this thread didn’t come through to me until today. :face_with_monocle: I’m glad Jules got back to you quickly & w/ great advice. Hopefully the sinus congestion is somehow related to the ear pain, & as your sinuses clear, the ear pain stops, too. Those painful symptoms can be signs of nerve healing, but knowing that doesn’t make it any less uncomfy.

I will be praying for you, too, Dcau. So glad you feel better today. I hope that continues to be the trend.


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Thanks so much Isaiah 40:31 for responding. I appreciate your prayers. Thanks for letting me know what I am experiencing indicates nerve healing. That is comforting to know. Please continue to pray for me. Thanks again.


I did have a new CT and my styloids are regrowing. My surgeon said that he would have to wait until they calcified to remove. My symptoms are continuing to worsen but I am managing.
Thank you all for your concern.

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So sorry that you have regrowth so quickly! I hope that you can carry on managing the symptoms & don’t need more surgery…sending you a hug :hugs:

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I’m very sorry to hear that. Fact imagine having to go through this again.

Do you know if your first surgeon removed your styloids to your skull base?

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@Victoria99 ~

I’m sorry you’re CT verified that you have styloid regrowth, but at least that explains why your symptoms are returning. Did you see a surgeon in your state or in another state? I hope he was close to home so you don’t need to travel again for surgery.

You aid you also have bone growth in your mouth. Is it in the roof or your mouth? We have had one or two members who had excessive calcification of the pterygoid hamulus which was able to be removed at the same time as the styloid(s). Pterygoid hamulus - Wikipedia

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My new bone growth in my right lower inside jawline along my teeth.

@Victoria99 - You have mandibular tori. I have them, too, & so do my sisters, & my mom.

Here’s a link to an article about them. Sometimes they’re hereditary but others, as w/ ES, they can be caused by stress on the jaws from bruxism or jaw mal-alignment.

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Thank you so very much!!!

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