Post Operation Complications!

My right side tonsillo-styloidectomy was done on 30 August this year. I was started to feel better after 20 days of surgery. But for a few days I am facing some problems in my throat. I don’t know are those complications are common or not. I have started to eat solid foods after 18 days post surgery. Day 20-24 post surgery I was okay with it. Now my throat is hurt on the right side while i eat. I always feel something is stuck in the right side of throat and food is not going down. My tongue on the right side beside the tonsillectomy area is swollen. I am unable to gargle for a few days. 2 days ago I tried and water came out of my right nose and I became very scared. I feel very tired all the time and my throat discomfort is making me anxious.

Unfortunately intra-oral surgery does take longer to recover from; nerves can take months to heal as well. It could be that the nerves have flared up again on your right side & that’s why you’re getting the sensation of something stuck in your throat again. (It’s not always that something’s stuck in the throat, it can be a nerve being irritated that gives that sensation) Recovery can be ups & downs, set backs can occur, sometimes if people overdo things it can set healing back…
As you say your tongue is swollen it might be worth getting that checked out in case there’s an infection? Feeling tired is not unusual; many members haven’t felt energy levels return to normal for 6-8 weeks.
Sorry that you’re finding the recovery rough, I hope that things improve soon, gentle hugs to you, & will keep praying for healing.

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Hi Ishratchy,

Jules gave you good info, & to me, it sounds like you might have an infection in your throat. This is not uncommon after intraoral surgery. You should make an appointment to see your doctor. Throat infections are easily treated with antibiotics. It would also be worth it to address the swelling in your tongue as Jules mentioned.

Hi @Ishratchy, recovery from tonsillectomy/syloidectomy takes quite some time, be patient with yourself and keep getting as much rest as you can, your body needs time to heal. I had my left done back in May, it took a good 3 months for me to get energy back, some days I am still very tired.

Did your doctor recommend you gargle? This is a no no, gargling will irritate your surgery site, swishing & spit is all you should be doing. I hate to be a downer but you will likely be in pain in your throat for quite some time, again be patient, it may be a couple of months before you get back up to par. As for the feeling of something stuck in your throat, you are feeling the scar tissue from surgery, this may or may not go away, I still feel mine 4+ months post-op.

Hang in there, you will feel better, it just takes time. :pray:


Hi Weezie, Can all these post op intraoral surgery complications be avoided by chosing intraoral surgery with the da Vinci robot? I understand it has far more post op benefits, but not sure this is true… Thank you

Hi Sesilona,

You can privately email adriene61 & ask her questions as she had her ES surgery done by Dr. Hackman via da Vinci robot.

Here is a link to her posts about her experience, too.

I went to my doctor. He checked through my mouth, didn’t give any test and only prescribed antibiotics, Pregabalin, Fexo fenadin. He told me that nothing serious had happened. I am taking medicines for 2 days, still have burning and itching on that side and have feeling of stickiness in the throat. I am so much worried.

Ishratchy ~

I’m so glad you saw your doctor & that everything seems to be fine. The healing process for intraoral surgery is very slow. It can take up to 3 or more months for your throat to start feeling normal after surgery. Nerves bothered by your styloid can take up to a year to heal. Please don’t worry. Your body is doing hard work to repair & recover. It’s just a slow process. I understand how you feel. I had external surgery & some of my symptoms felt like they would never go away. I’m still seeing improvement in nerves 6 years after surgery. Our bodies are amazing at trying to thrive & are always repairing something every single day.


It’s understandable that you’re concerned, but it is still early days in your recovery, be patient, it will get better. Sending you a gentle hug… :hugs: