Post surgery question

Hi everyone,
So i am post bilateral surgery through the tonsil beds of 19 years. I had it done in NM at UNM by Dr. Charles Crago I think his name was. So, this is my question:
I have horrible stiffness in my neck, even shoulders and scalp. At times it acually affects my vision.
Could this actually be from my eagles?
I live in Houston now, and so, I want to find a dr to see and talk about it with them. Oh, and…
Im sure glad to see how this page has grown wow!
Thanks so much.

Hi @yellowmoon! Welcome back but I’m sorry for the reason for your visit here. How great that you’ve had 19 years worth of symptoms relief! I looked up Dr. Crago & he’s now in ND. I may add him to our Doctors List as we don’t have anyone listed for that state. Good to know that he does ES surgeries & you got such good results!

We we do have some members who’ve had styloid regrowth. Since the intraoral approach to ES surgery doesn’t allow as much of the styloid process to be removed as the external approach does, it is possible that your symptoms are the result of some styloid regrowth. There are a number of doctors in TX on our Doctors list, however, many have proven to be inconsistent in diagnosing &/or being willing to treat our members who’ve seen them. That said, we do have some members who have had surgeries w/ good outcomes when TX doctors have treated them.

Many doctors are also reluctant to do revision ES surgeries i.e. operate after someone has already had the styloids removed before. If you do come up against any issues once you’re seen in TX, we can recommend doctors outside of your state who may be willing to help you.

Here are the names of a couple of TX doctors who have been more helpful than others:

•Dr Donald T Donovan, Baylor College of Medicine 713- 795- 5900 (external surgery, successful on one member, but not helpful to another)

•Dr Teresa Chan-Leveno, University Of Texas Southwestern Medicine Centre, Dallas 214- 645- 8898 (Otolaryngologist)

Here’s the link to the full list: