Do they usually give prednisone (or some steroid) for swelling after ES surgery?

I recall you’re seeing Dr. Hepworth & he does not routinely do that. You’ll need to ask him for an Rx. I’d do this at your pre-op appt.
Some doctors do routinely Rx prednisone to help reduce post op swelling whereas others put in a drain that stays in place for 1-3 days. Dr. H does neither.

Hello @juliezuber
I was alot scared going in for my styloidectmy, and have red about other docs who use it for after surgery,
However Dr Hepworth had noted that he did not use it
I had to just trust in his process and believe that if he thought I would need it he would prescribe it. He wants this to be a success just as much as we do.
Ice packs were absolutely the best for my op area
I also used it at base of skull
And plenty of rest, and extra rest.


Thank you MekanX! I needed to hear “trust in his process”. I appreciate it. wishing you the best too.