Question about gag reflex

Quick question. Has anyone ever experienced a progressive loss of their gag reflexes? Mine is now non existent.

Have you spoken to your doctor about this? It’s quite a worrying symptom; I’ve not seen anyone mention it on here before. I’m wondering if it could be down to disruption of the nerves (had a quick look online and it seems that the nerves involved are the trigeminal nerve, the glossopharyngeal nerve and the vagus nerve, all of which could be irritated by styloids) or otherwise the pharyngeal muscles. Given that a lot of members have problems swallowing and sensation of something in the throat, I guess it’s possible it could be down the ES, but I would definitely get it checked out as there are other things it could be.

Interesting problem. I had the opposite - my gag reflex became much more sensitive from ES.

Jules, I did go see my doctor for this and for the intense ringing in my ears. I’m getting a neurology referral. I’m sure hoping I can get some answers. I’m beginning to get nervous about all of this. And thank you for the response. It’s much appreciated. I will let you know how the appointment turns out.

Isaiah, I used to have a very hyper active gag reflex, then over the months, it has slowly deminished. On a good note, I can finally brush the back of my teeth without gagging. Lol

I have a very diminished gag reflex on my affected side. A neurologist actually commented on this when he touched the back of the throat and failed to elicit a response. As pointed out, the nerves responsible for the gag reflex are the ones that can be affected by the styloid. I can stick my finger right down my throat on that side and feel the hyoid bone with my little finger no problem. On the other side I would gag straight away.

Well, that is a happy result of an unusual problem!!

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