Foreign body sensation in throat..... does anyone else NOT get this symptom

I have pretty much every other symptom of ES except for this one, I have been diagnosed and operated on, so I am not trying to self diagnose. Just wondering how many people have ES and never have had to deal with this particular symptom but generally deal with all the other unpleasantries. Thanks

Sorry to bump this thread, does anyone else not feel this sensation? It seems to be such a "key" symptom and I feel it is the only one my neck doesn't exhibit. Thank you.

I get most of the others; jaw pain, earache, fullness in the ears, tinnitus, neck pain, dizziness sometimes... but I've not had the trouble swallowing, or feeling of a foreign body either.


Glad to know im not the only one. With that listed as one of the main symptoms I've always wondered if I was the only ES patient who didn't have it. Thanks,

There are two things. First the actual styloid that you can often feel if you stick your finger down near the tonsil area past the soft palate. Not everyone actually feels the styloid, sometimes it grows in different directions. The other feeling of a foreign body comes from the pinching of one of the nerves in the intracranial carotid sheath so if that nerve is not being irritated, you might not feel that symptom. The reason for so many symptoms and not everyone having them all is that there are lots of nerves in the area and the symptoms are dependent on what nerves and muscles that the styloid or stylohyoid are irritating. I am not a doctor or nurse, that is just the simple explanation as I understand it.

So you might not even have ear pain, but you could still have other issues like dizziness and face pain or whatever, just depends, that is why so many doctors either don't believe us or just can't diagnose, but they surely could do a CT scan for us.

Someone last summer, I think did a survey on this forum of all the different symptoms and then posted the replies. Dr. Cognetti and /or Dr Samji actually take a post surgery survey of what things feel better after surgery, I believe someone mentioned that awhile back.

I dont feel anything in my throat and i have all the symptoms jules has and more…stabbing pains in left ear and left side of head and neck along with occasional visual and vestibular disturbances. Thanks for asking this question. I often wondered the same thing

Can someone thoroughly explain foreign body throat symptom

For me it felt like chopsticks poking at the back of my throat. And then when I had a cold it felt like a marshmallow stuck in there.

Oh man. Less than a week after i answered telling u i do not have sensation of something stuck in my throat, i have had 3 episodes of about 15 min each during which i feel something in my throat on the affected side EXACTLY WHERE THE STYLOID IS every time i swallow. I hope this is not another sign of disease progression!! Has this sort of thing happened to anyone else?

I had no foreign body sensation until a month before surgery. I had an inflamed, very bright red area at my tonsil one day. I then poked that area, and realized it was a stiff area like a sidewall that slanted inwards back there, and that was probably the side of the styloid I was feeling. I didn't feel the end of it like the pokey part…just the side of it.

After that, I was conscious of it being there when I swallowed. It hurt for about a week before it went back to normal feeling of basically not much. I never mentioned it because it literally showed up just a couple of weeks before my surgery was scheduled. It also caused a small ear infection, or the ear infection caused the inflammation. I thought the same…I guess something changed there or it progressed, or I simply noticed it because the area got infected?