Question about throat CT

Thank you for answers to my previous post, I really appreciate everyone’s support. I do realize that there are no doctors here and will definitely ask ENT next appointment but I wonder if anyone knows what those dots and pieces are on my scan?? I circled it in red. I’m seeing doctor on 13th and hopefully he will tell

me… meanwhile, while I tried searching online for images , none of them seem to have these dots or those pieces there.

Hi hopehope1,

Sometimes things appear on CT & other types of scans that are called “artifacts”. They are images that don’t belong there but that the scan somehow pics up. I suspect those spots are artifacts, but hearing this from your doctor would be best. Hopefully that’s all they are. The other option is that it’s calcification on you stylohyoid ligaments though it looks a little low for that.

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Agreed. Looks like artifact and possibly part of the hyoid bone. (?) Sometimes the scan gets wonky … for example if you swallow or even breathe during the scan and then this splice is singled out and captured between two other images. Maybe I could say it’s Like it’s almost double exposed if it was a photo. Not sure that helps. :joy: