What do you think of my CT scan?

I finally got around to getting a copy of my CT scan (w/o contrast). I converted it to a 3D image and the results look pretty similar to what I saw on an x-ray. Styloids don’t appear to be elongated (can hardly even find them) but you can see calcification on both the right and left side. The right side (where I am experiencing a lot of my symptoms) has a slightly longer calcification than the left side. Left side is shorter but has a few other small pieces.

My question is do those calcifications look big enough to be causing my problems? They don’t look that big to me but I am experiencing a lot of issues that seem typical of eagles. I also have these hard round lumps below both ears with the one on the right being quite a bit bigger. I always though that those were normal human anatomy but according to my husband last night, no they aren’t. The lumps, especially the one on the right lines up right where the calcification is.

I’m still trying to find a doctor to ask about it. I’m thinking of doing a phone consultation but it kind of sounds like both Samji and Conjetti don’t consider only calcification to be a problem unless I’m misreading things here on this forum.

Also for those of you who know the neck anatomy well, what are those two hard bone looking things in the last image below the hyoid bone? Is that additional calcification or is that cartilage or something? It’s also right around one of the spots I’ve been complaining a lot about throat pain.

You can hardly see the calcification on the left side but the right side is where I’m experiencing most of my symptoms so I’m less concerned about the left side.

Any amount of calcification on the stylohyoid ligaments can limit the flexibility, & therefore, the movement of the stylohoid ligaments. Lack of ability to move as they need to can cause pain because other soft tissues have to compensate & do “jobs” they weren’t meant to do which means nerves get irritated, & voíla! you end up w/ ES type symptoms.

Using your last image, I circled your hyoid bone in red (not sure what that blob is on the front of it). Below your hyoid are what look like two calcified areas (circled in blue), one on the left & one on the right. I’m not sure what those would be, but if they’re causing pain, they need to be checked out.

Dr. Hackman for sure deals w/ calcified s-h ligaments in the absence of styloid elongation. I think Dr. Cognetti does, too. Dr. Samji won’t acknowledge calcified ligaments alone as ES.

Sorry this isn’t very helpful info. I’m not very adept at reading even 3D CT scans.