Question about weird post op symptom

I had bilateral styloidectomy done on the 8th of this month and I was wondering if anyone who has had it done experienced where when you take the first bite of something to eat it causes this weird pain, it’s like when you eat something sour and it hits your taste buds it makes your mouth water and your jaw clench but that’s not what’s actually happening…

Yes yes yes! I have it on the one side I have had the most issues with. I had surgery on the 15th this month and after a few days back to eating normal, I experienced the same thing; it’s like my gland is overly salivating and then causing an intense pain. I steer clear of typical foods that would cause that. Coffee in the morning seems to do and Lord knows I can’t avoid my morning coffee :wink: But, I also had issues swallowing on that side of my throat (was closed for years) when I had the elongated styloid and i wonder if it was like the gland was finally coming ‘back to life’ again?!

It’s really common post-surgery, it’s ‘first bite syndrome’. If you google it there’s some info online about it- basically it’s the nerves to the parotid gland (which is under the cheek in front of the ear) having been irritated by surgery. I still get it very occasionally one year post-op, but it’s stopped the first side I had done (2 years ago). With me it’s sweet stuff and sharp fruit which sets me off- and I’ve even had it with smelling food, not just eating it! It’s annoying, but the benefits of surgery far outweigh any side effects of surgery…
Kbuck- how did you find having bi-lateral surgery? That question comes up a lot, as some doctors don’t like to do both sides at once. THH has just had bilateral surgery too.

I’m really glad I did it. My only issues have been the weird pain when taking the first bite of anything as the numbness I my ears and cheeks.

It doesn’t matter what I eat but the first bite is extremely painful for a few seconds

Your first bite syndrome will change over time. It will become more selective and not react to everything you eat as it heals. I still have first bite syndrome 2.5 years after my first surgery. It was excruciating when it first started but is very bearable now & inconsistent in it’s occurence. I find on days when I don’t drink enough it’s worse &, as Jules said, there are certain foods that still pretty consistently set it off - very sweet, tart/sour or spicy foods in particular.
The intensity of the pain is less now than it was originally. To encourage you, FBS does completely go away for many people.

Thank you all so much!! I was beginning to think I was crazy!!

If you search first bite using the tool above you’ll see that there are several members talking about their experience with it… some were shorter lived that Isaiah’s experience, as she mentioned. Hang in there…

Thank you Seamom!

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