First Bite Syndrome OR Jaw Issues

Hey!! Sorry it has been a bit since Ive posted… I have dealt with quite a bit!! Just to follow up… I had my Left Styloidectomy September 26 and my Right Styloidectomy November 14 and unfortunately I THINK I am now dealing with First Bite Syndrome but Im not 100% so Im coming here to see if anyone has any of you havr experience with this? Ever since my Surgery on the 14th, my teeth/molars on the right hurt SOOOO BAD!! As if the nerves are exposed or I have horrific Cavities, but… PreOp I didnt have this problem… my Styloid WAS Calcified to my Jaw so I think that this may play a part in this somehow, but my other group says it sounds like FBS?

@MamaBear6 -

It sounds to me like your trigeminal nerve was irritated during surgery. This makes sense in light of your styloid being calcified to your jaw as that nerve has 3 branches, two of which affect (can cause pain) in the teeth when those branches are irritated. Pain in the teeth is a common ES symptom (prior to surgery).

First Bite Syndrome is caused by the glossopharyngeal nerve over-stimulating the parotid gland which causes intense momentary pain in the side of the face near the the jaw joint, cheek area, & possible scalp & ear pain just prior to or at the time the first bite or two of food is eaten. It typically doesn’t cause pain that lingers.

Here’s a picture of the trigeminal nerve & one of the parotid gland:


I agree with @Isaiah_40_31 that it sounds more like nerve pain rather than 1st bite. I’ve had toothache from the Trigeminal Nerve & quite a few other members have too. There are medications which can help- detailed info in the Newbies Guide Section, it might be worth you seeing your GP/ PCP for that? Hopefully the nerves are just irritated from surgery & will settle & heal with time!


Yes!! This is exactly where the pain is and today was so bad I was in bed, all day, again!! There is no swelling or redness, as if theres a Toothache or a Cavity… but it feels as if I have 8 massive Cavities working back there and the entire side of my face up into my temple is just unbearable!!


Definitely worth trying one of the nerve pain meds… :hugs:


I totally agree w/ Jules. Some of our members have taken nerve pain meds only for a few months during healing but others have found the need for low dose meds on an ongoing basis. I say do whatever is necessary to get your life back to a more normal place. Usually nerve pain meds are started low dose & gradually increased to find the effective level & to help keep side effects lower. The meds can take a few weeks to begin helping. I hope your doctor or PCP will work with you on that.

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Thank you for all of the helpful information!! It was, indeed Trigeminal Neuropathy and I was started on Gabapentin, as I am actually already on one of the other options and I seem to have good response to the Gabapentin with past Nerve Issues when Ive taken it for Shingles!!


I’m glad you know what works for you w/ the least side effects, @MamaBear6. Hoping to hear you’re getting good pain relief from the Gabapentin as time passes. :hugs:

Hope that it works for you :pray: :hugs: