Question and or suggestion on post op 9 months

I had my surgery almost a yr ago - in November . Soo much better but still have a few things going on… Numbness under jaw area , ear discomfort but not original pain!!! And neck a little stiff - real stiff when I get under stress , and notice a little lump in my neck and this is different then chicken bone feeling before surgery. It feels more like a soft grape. I go back to surgeon in November but I was thinking of getting a Cat scan before just to see if there is anything more going on or just surgery stuff… Surgeon removed bone and ligament for a total, so my question is any suggestion , should I get cat scan for peace of mind? Would love some input thnx

I replied on the other thread, but I'll reply on this one too. Yes, I think you should get a CT scan. My doctor thought he got all the styloid out. I was still having some significant pain a year later so I recently got a CT scan and found out he missed a lot of it and there is still a significant amount of styloid left.