2yr checkup in November

Wondered how long everyone keeps going for check ups ? I’m going for 2 yr recheck in nov

What do you have done at the rechecks; is this a post-surgery check-up, or a leave it and decide what to do later check?Do you have a CT scan to look for any changes?

I too am interested in the answer to this question. Is there ever a time when one can breathe freely and say this too has pasted, or, is it always on the back burner waiting to boil over?


I completed 1 year of surgery performed in September and i have not done a new CT scan. The improvement was so good that I am not with urgency to this matter. But I know that is prudent check the result.

Wow, I have never had a recheck. I am almost at two years since surgery and just this past week the left side of my neck has started hurting and feeling like it is getting stuck. I was just thinking I should call and get a ct scan and see if my left styloid could be growing again. The doctor said he cut them so they won't grow again but maybe it can. Up until now everything has been so great! Every problem disappeared. I think it would be worth piece of mind to check it out now.

My surgeon said I should have no regrowth of my styloids because he removed the "pathways" for them to regrow. He took out my S-H ligaments and cut one styloid back to my skull & the other he couldn't remove fully but said he detached the muscle fr the styloid and thus thinks I should have no future problem. I'll be one year out from my first surgery in Nov. i.e. the styloid that wasn't fully removed. So far I'm feelin' good!

I haven't been back for a recheck of my first side since 3 months post op.