QUICK QUESTION - Did styloidectomy alone help vascular symptoms (head/face pressure/brain fog)

Did styloidectomy alone (NO C1 shave) help vascular symptoms (head/face pressure/brain fog)?

It did with me, I had straight forward compression from the styloids, the C1 wasn’t causing any compression. In theory it should make more space for the IJV, but it doesn’t always work like that; sometimes the IJV can be compressed by muscle as well (sometimes the digastric muscle), nerves or other blood vessels. And sometimes the veins can have been compressed for a while & don’t spring back.
So I’m afraid that there’s no definite answer :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


I had a jugular vein decompression with Dr. Peter Costantino. My surgery was in October 2023.
My brain fog hangover, feeling completely resolved post surgery.
My advice to you is if you were going to have decompression surgery of the internal jugular vein many times there are more components than just the styloid.
For example, there can be nerves that are also compressing the jugular vein, the transverse process, the digastric muscle, and in my case and artery also!

I address this in my video log of my journey. Here is a link. https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDwVJNRirnK8mPfQw4ugn1vQjTqH3NUqm


It all depends on exactly what is causing the compression.
I would be very cautious if a surgeon told you the styloidectomy alone would fix the issue. Many times there is a lot more that can (and should) be done. My surgeon calls styloidectomy only a “wallet biopsy”


Who was your doctor?

Oh nevermind! I see

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