So, my surgery is scheduled for May 8th. I am most worried that at the end of May I have some events planned and I don't know what type of shape I'll be in. I realize the experience is different for everyone, can people who have had the external procedure post really briefly 1) how soon after surgery they went back to work, 2) when they were comfortable speaking, 3) when the felt they fully recovered from the surgery itself?



For my 2 external surgeries done by an experienced Eagles surgeon, I went back to work after 2 weeks, could speak pretty comfortably the night of the surgery, and felt fully recovered about 3 weeks after the surgery.

I had both sides done at once externally, and went back to work after 3 weeks. By the three week mark, I felt my strength return and major ES symptoms gone. I too could speak OK after surgery, but jaw did get sore if I talked too long during first couple days after surgery. I am 6 weeks post-op and incisions are healing nicely. I have a Physical Therapist helping me get my neck muscles back to normal (I had ES so severe couldn't move neck for about 3 months!) I am still recovering from facial weakness on left side due to a facial nerve that had to be stretched out of the way to remove styloid, and full recovery could take me 6 months. But even with that, I can function fine at work. You should have no problem with participating in your events end of don't worry! Best of luck to you!

I am 2 weeks post op and going back to work tomorrow, I’m feeling ok, no pain but still not a lot of energy and I feel if I try to do to much I start to feel sick. But I’m not back to eating properly only cause I don’t have an appetite so that could be why I feel ill. You should be fine. Good luck xo

For my son: 1) He was fully recovered 2 weeks after surgery the first time, the second time results were similar, but then he developed a complication (infection in the scar) about 1 week after surgery (called a sialocele or a aroma - they weren't sure exactly) so it took longer, approximately 6 weeks.

2) He could speak comfortably the next day, both times

Thank you guys so much for the information and support. You don’t know how much it helps! I will let you know my story as soon as I can. Be well…!

Yup, in around a week or two I noticed my neck was looking pretty good and range of motion was good as well. I was speaking quite well right after the surgery. I did have a bit of difficultly pronouncing some words because there was slight damage to a branch of the facial nerve (marginal mandibular branch - controls the muscle near the bottom lip). It was very minor and was only noticeable if I tried to smile - the right side of the bottom lip wouldn't come down fully. But that recovered in time - I'd say several weeks and it started getting better. It's been around 10 months since the surgery now and my smile is spot on :). Didn't have many issues with eating, drinking, or swallowing. I would recommend you take it easy initially - eat small bites, slightly softer foods, chew gently. Keep your neck agile - keep it moving, don't be too stiff but also don't go about doing yoga like stretches right away! And as recommended after any surgery, don't lift heavy weights for a while... don't carry heavy groceries, don't do any heavy lifting. The tissue will take time to heal... taking rest and little movements will be best. And yes, as you said, the recovery experience is different for everyone... but I think you'll be okay by the end of May! Also, a final note - because it is surgery and you are under general anesthesia during the surgery, you may feel a bit tired/weak post-surgery for a few days. You might feel like wanting to sleep more often and that's totally fine. Your body just wants some rest. That was my experience with Eagle styloidectomy! Hope that helps you a little bit! All the best to you :).

Thank you so much Beary. I like all of the details. I heard of some facial things happening, but I didn't realize that they heal in time. I will just try to let it take its course. I look forward to it all being over. Thanks for helping me get mentally prepared. I really appreciate it!

We moved my surgery to June 5th. I will go to a surgery center instead of a hospital. It sounds less hectic and is supposed to add to the ease of the experience. I am still nervous. I told him I have a refrigerator of clear liquids. He laughed. One more month with a small ball in my throat, eating soup, popsicles and yogurt for every meal, neck pain, no mobility and tinnitus. I just hope it works.

Best of luck to you! Hoping everything goes smoothly. Keep doing what you have to do to ease the pain for the next month. Keep us posted.