Regrow symptoms, scared to endure this again!

What were the scans that were the most important to get an accurate diagnosis?

It’s been 6 years sense my completely calcified right side fused ligament was removed.

My gland and neck muscle are now swollen on that side, I have sharp throat pain going from the top of the right side of my tongue straight down the right side of my throat and branching out into mandible, piercing right ear pain that has increased infrequency and duration, dizzy spells, not feeling well, brain fog, black spots in vision after laying down, and noticeable loss of neck and shoulder flexion. :weary:

I haven’t found any ES surgeons who take my insurance yet in my new state but would like to be able to tell someone the right scan I need?

I had an Eagles Panaramic X-ray done in my previous state. Only Dentists, who don’t take my insurance offer that here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!!

So sorry that you’re going through this again! The symptoms do sound like ES, but sometimes members have had scar tissue & nerve pain with that, so getting a new scan would be worth it to find out if it’s regrowth. Panoramic x-rays can show the styloids, but the best scan is a CT. If you think you might have vascular ES - like the dizzy spells, brain fog, vision spots that you mention- then it can be worth getting a scan with contrast.
This have changed a bit on here since you were on before; there’s info about treatments etc in the Newbies Guide Section, here’s a link:
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We also have an updated doctors list in case you’ve not seen it, it might give you more options of surgeons to try:
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I hope that you can get the scan you need & can get some treatment soon…

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