Reoccurrence of ES Symptoms?

Hello Everyone,

Well, it’s been 4 incredible months pain free nd I thank the LORD for this gift!! BUT!!! …
But believe it or not, about a week and half ago I started getting a slight ear ache, not a big deal at all!! Especially since I know how bad it can be. Well it has progressed quickly from that nd I’m in pain again and it’s the same side, same pain, including the vertigo!
I’m going to go see my GP this week to see if MAYBE I have an ear infection?? I don’t think so but I’m hoping!!!
I know Samji said he couldn’t get the whole Styloid but still, can it grow this fast? In 4 months??
I’m hoping for some direction so I don’t have to live like this again for 4 years!!
The ENTs here only know Ear Infections :woman_facepalming::confounded:. Nd basic stuff.
Any thoughts, ideas will be greatly appreciated!!! I seriously cannot believe this but I know GOD is Sovereign and in Control!!! Thanks for always being here!!!


Really sorry to hear that you’re in pain again, that must be soo frustrating. I know there have been members come back on here because they’ve had re-growth, but it’s usually been after a couple of year at least. EarMom’s son’s grew back quicker than that, but then he’s young & still growing…
I hope that it is just an ear infectin, if it isn’t I guess all you can do is see if you can get another CT done to show what’s going on, unless it’s perhaps some scar tissue forming & causing irritation? Maybe massaging the surgery area & perhaps considering physiotherapy might be another possibility? (I still have to massage my neck 2 years on, it all seems to get tight & then I start to get a bit of pain around the area otherwise).
Let us know how you get on, & I’ll be praying for you. :hugs:

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Thanks Jules!
Dr said I have an ear infection in the other ear nd prescribed antibiotics nd steroids. I will have CT scan later today. Because my R ear is so scarred up it’s hard to tell but he doesn’t see any infection there but we’ll wait for meds nd CT.
I’m kinda upset but keeping my focus on the LORD!

Hope the meds work- maybe the steroids will settle everything down… It sounds weird but maybe the other ear’s set inflammation off on the side you had surgery on? I still get a little pain at times when I’m coming down with something like I used to with ES!

So sorry to hear you’re back in pain! Please keep us posted as to what the CT scan shows. I agree w/ Jules. Four months seems awfully quick for regrowth & pressure from internal scar tissue could certainly be an option as to the cause of your pain.

I will pray, too.


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It can be that one’s brain has established ‘pain pathways’. My surgery was some years ago, but recently I had a recurrence of the phantom earache and toothache. Fortunately this has gone away again, but I was contemplating going for a panorex x-ray to check whether the styloid processes had regrown.

Yes, I did watch a lecture about that by a leading TN specialist, & I think one of our members gave an explanation about it a while back… there was info about it on the Ben’s Friends Facial Pain group. I’d forgotten about that, Cyrba :woman_facepalming:

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Thank you both VERY MUCH!!! I’m going to be researching the Bens Facial Pain site! Kinda funny that I’d have both TN nd ES!!! I’m still grateful for 4 months of complete pain relief after so many years of pain!!
I’m wondering if the ES surgery put some of the nerves asleep and thats why I really did have relief? Nd then questions I’ll never really have answers to, were my symptoms even from ES? Even though i did have an elongated Styloid process. I don’t really care at this point, just want answers for now nd getting relief again!
I’m truly grateful for your directing me to the facial pain group. I’m sure there’s answers there!!!
GOD Bless!!!

Funny how ATN fits me to a T!!! Every symptom is exactly the same. Just the pain right now isn’t as excruciating.
Not that I really care but wondering if I really ever suffered symptoms from ES!!
I can’t see a Nuerologist until June but started back on the Lyrica that did help some.
I’m also wondering if the ES surgery put that nerve asleep and that’s why I had 4 months of relief.
Wow, yhe FP website is wonderful but very busy and a TON of information!! Makes me miss you guys nd the simplicity of ES website :kissing_heart:. I’m truly grateful for a heads up to check out Facial Pain which leads to TN!! I’m truly grateful!!!

ES can cause ATN, so don’t feel that you’ve had the surgery for nothing! It was worth trying. I have it mainly one side, & it was worsening before surgery with numbness & tingling increasing- since surgery that’s gone, I’m left with some aching which is controlled by amitriptyline, so I do believe that the ES was causing it, & that maybe the nerve was permanently a bit damaged & that’s why it hasn’t gone comletely back to normal… but whatever works for you, & if you can get some medication, then that’s great. The articles Aucisalamoth (think that was his screen name) has put links to & his posts are very interesting as there do seem to be links with neck problems. Best wishes!

Hi LaughingRocks2!
I’m so sorry to hear you’re having trouble again but glad you may have found the cause. I think I may have developed some TN or something related since my ES surgeries as I have areas on my face that are very tender to the touch (mostly around my right jaw joint & along my right cheek bone (as it runs under my right eye) & the right side of my skull next to my right eye. The fact that I have to touch it to make it hurt differs from typical TN so maybe it’s not, but the pain is in the areas of the trigeminal nerve roots. I never thought of it as being caused by the trigeminal nerve but it makes sense now that it might be. I’ve been getting chiropractic work & warm laser therapy done on that area about every 2 weeks & that seems to help keep the discomfort at bay. It has also helped my first bite syndrome. It has not cured the problems though.
I’ll be praying you find a solution that takes your pain away!

Sometimes TMJ occurs after ES or just becomes evident. or just grinding teeth. Tension and fear of ES again makes it worse. I have had to wear a TMJ bite guard regularly since before my ES surgery and needed a new one made after because my bite changed. They are not cheap, but the face pain goes and stays away as long as I use it… It is what it is. TMJ can cause pretty significant ear and face pain. Might want to check it out. I am not on the site much anymore so I do not often reply to anyone. Hope you do not have recurrance.

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