Return of the Bird take two

I was called back by ENT personally... I go in tomorrow... And from what my CT report it shows my "HYOID" calcifying again... He's unsure this relates to my "hairloss" my "horrible muscle spasms" etc... He said There's a ton on the right side and if your pain is on the left side I don't thnk this is the problem.... Well the weird pain itch etc is below my jaw on both sides and the sides of my neck feel they are being pulled...and in my cheek bones... and then shoulder blade pain... If you can think of anything I should ask lmk

I have the same. And have had 3 surgeries for eagles already x

really? Where do you live? What do they say about yours? Mine just surpassed 2inches off hyoid bone… and now i’m soon miserable i can’t take it anymore