Robotic styloidectomy

Anybody knows more about this approach?..

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Pinkeagle had surgery with Dr Benjamin Judson I think in Florida (details of the doctor are in the 2019 Doctors List), not sure how it all went.
Also it was mentioned back in 2014 in a discussion, called the Da Vinci tool, you can search for that discussion.
Will be interesting to hear if anyone else has had surgery with this approach!

I do not know if this applies, but there is a documentary on Netflix that talks about the da Vinci method (robot) and I think anyone considering robotic surgery should see. It is called “The Bleeding Edge”. Usually documentaries bore me - not this one, very interesting and well done.

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I would be curious to know how the woman in this report is doing today. The paper was published near the end of 2018, but there is no surgical date given. Though I’m not a doctor, it looks to me like one styloid was nearly fully, if not fully resected, but only a small part of the other was removed. It also looks like there is potential calcification of her stylohyoid ligaments extending upward from her hyoid bone which wasn’t addressed. These two things could be problematic for her later.

The authors cited one case with a good outcome, but I wonder how many surgeries were done w/ a poor outcome? Sorry for casting a negative shadow on this, but both sides of the story must be considered.

I think robotic surgery holds future promise but is still in its infancy in some fields, and ES is one of those in my mind. As you can tell, I tend to err on the conservative side. That said, practice makes perfect so the more TORS is used, the better the procedures may become.

Your vision sounds awesome! Nothing is impossible!