Scar tissue? - intra oral

I had intra oral surgery almost 2 months ago. I have an almost constant choking feeling right where the incision is. It does go away randomly for a bit sometimes. Is it possible that this is scar tissue? It’s right on the arch of my throat. It drives me nuts!!

Anyone have this? Anything that can be done?

Sounds suspiciously like it could be scar tissue. It may also be that the way your incision healed, you have less elasticity in that area of your throat now so it doesn’t expand & contract like it should when you swallow. There are physical therapists who specialize in swallowing disorders. Since you live in/near a big city, you should be able to find one in your area or ask your primary doctor to recommend someone. PT could go a long way in helping you.

Otherwise it could be the nerves irritated from the surgery- they can take a while to settle down, sometimes up to a year. It could be worth trying some of the nerve pain medications? (Like Gabapentin, Amitryptiline etc, info in the Newbies Guide section) I know that the lump in the throat sensation can be caused by irritated nerves, so maybe this is too?

I did try Gabapentin for a few weeks. It made me feel foggy and I didn’t notice anything different. Should I have tried it longer ?

It can take a few weeks to work, but there are alternatives if it doesn’t work, so it might be worth trying something different. Hope it goes soon!

I had some irritation and discomfort for a few months around the scar left from intraoral surgery. I didn’t think it would ever remodel back to a smooth border than wasn’t able to be felt on the back of my tongue when swallowing. But it did eventually do this. Any small nerve branches that have been exposed would not be helping with the sensation. I think it will improve over time based on my experience. Cheers, Mark.