SCERATTI et al. (2021): Styloidogenic-cervical spondylotic internal jugular venous compression, a vascular disease related to several clinical neurological manifestations: diagnosis and treatment -- a comprehensive literature review


Summary: Internal Jugular Vein compression is under-diagnosed issue; people who have this problem might suffer from various unexplained neurological symptoms; treatment - resecting styloid process, stenting IJV, or in extreme cases also removing part of the C1, or both surgery and stenting; surgery alone has better success rate than stenting alone; alternative treatment - anticoagulants, which is not very promissing alone; main surgery risks - damage to the facial and/or axiliary nerves; main stenting risks - the stent might cause blood cloths or shift out of place


Thank you so much for the summary, vdm. Really appreciate it!

As always, thank you for being on top of finding useful information, & sharing the links with us, TheDude!

I hope you’re recovering well from your surgery!


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Thank you, a really interesting article, I think this will be helpful for members to look at to decide about surgery.

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Please help me find doctor for advice. Had 6 ER visits. Strokelike episodes. When lie down almost cannot move. Very difficult think, move. Eye different. My lifelong pulsates tennitis stopped except this this everyone in a while. Getting dementia type. Just saw from friend looking at CT that jugular 100 percent compressed. Cannot lie down. Drop attack. Not understanding. More often. Cannot talk. Confused. Thunderclap headache now diffuse. In upstate SC. Pressed against C1 and styloid. Please who to call. They thought stroke but found nothing.

Sounds like you’re really going through it- I had bilateral jugular compression by the styloids & felt really rough before surgery, but it really helped me.
In the Doctors Info Section we have a list of doctors familiar with ES, here’s a link:
US Doctors Familiar With ES, Current List - Symptoms and Treatments / Doctor Information - Living with Eagle
Dr Hackman in NC has done lots of surgeries on members, if you’d be able to travel? Otherwise other doctors do phone consults, like Dr Cognetti in PA. I hope that you’re able to get some help, we can give you other suggestions of doctors if these two can’t help.

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Thank you so much Jules!