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Does anyone know of a Radiologist in the Seattle Area who is familiar with the “Styloid Protocol” for a CT Scan without contrast? I have had a couple different scans done and I am trying to get this particular scan so that I can schedule a consultation with Dr. Samji in San Jose, California. If anyone has any recommendations, or the name of a particular radiologist they consulted in this area in the past, I would definitely appreciate it.

Thanks much!

You can try privately messaging MusicGeek. She lives in Seattle area & Dr. Samji did both her surgeries. She should be able to help you.

I had my CT at South Sound Radiology. I live in the Olympia area. Dr. Samji did my surgery.

hello there, I’m in the process of the exact same thing. All Dr. Samji needs for a styloid protocol is for the radiologist to measure the styloid and include in the report.
I hope this helps👍

Also, I might add that if you have a fairly current CT of the neck, you can request the radiologist to make an addendum to the original and measure the styloid. Have the radiologist include the addendum and the original report when sending to Dr. Samji. I have been working on this all week. So comforting to know there are other humans out there going through this chase!!

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Thanks, gbr. It feels a bit like we’re stuck in the middle, with Dr. Samji’s office saying this is a universal protocol, yet I’m unable to find a radiologist to do it. Definitely feels like a chase! Part of the issue in my case might be that the doc ordered my CT scan with contrast. Did you have yours without?

Thanks, Mac. I will definitely keep this on my list in case I can’t find something in Seattle.

Thank you, this is a great idea. I’ll try messaging her.

Hi there. I had a CT without contrast. The contrast shows up vessels as well as bone. All you have to do is request an addendum for the radiologist to measure the right and left styloid. That’s all the protocol is. That’s what Dr. Samji needs.

Where do you live?

Another thing I didn’t mention. I had to call and explain the “protocol” to the imaging center, only AFTER I called Dr. Samji’s office and asked what this was bc the imaging center in San Antonio Texas did not have a clue. :thinking: