Seen a Northern California Kaiser Doctor?

Has anyone on here had Surgery with a Northern California Kaiser Doctor? If so what doctor?

Didn’t Isaiah mention a woman doctor in northern CA Kaiser that was supposed to be real good?

I just checked and I did put her in the doctors list. She’s in Santa Clara.

Kaiser Permanente, Santa Clara Medical Center

Dr. Fidelia Butt


The surgeon I just saw said he’d done 20 ES surgeries so I was wondering if anyone on the group had seen him???

What is the doctor’s name? Where is he again?

20 is a reasonable amount of surgeries. Does he do internal or external approach?

This doctor started with have you had your tonsils removed? saying that he does intraoral partial (tip only) styloidectomies for throat pain. He said he’s done 20 in23 years - less than 1/year. As the appointment went on he said he would consider doing full removal by cut from in front of my ear to half way down my jaw to do the full removal if Samji thought I needed it.

If you look at Benyon’s pictures you can see what sort of incision your doctor is talking about. He should remove the whole styloid & not just the tip as only partial removal leaves you open for a whole new world of hurt as the remainder of the styloid is still long & liable to cause trouble especially if the angle in which either one is growing is strange. I have respect for the Kaiser surgeon you’ve seen though because he is willing to talk & defer to Dr. Samji’s opinion. Doctors tend to be a proud lot & often won’t accept the opinions, advice, or suggestions of their peers.

I agree that his ES surgeries have been spaced a bit far apart, but even one surgery once a year keeps his skills somewhat honed. That said, he is probably doing other neck surgeries that keep him well acquainted w/ the layout of the area where the extended styloids are.

I hope this gives you some encouragement.


Isaiah -Thanks for aLL YOUR help and support.:grinning:

You are most welcome!!

I wouldn’t trust Kaiser. They don’t have a clue about eagles and are nothing but liars. It is worth it to go to a more experienced surgeon

Dr. Samji did both of seamom’s surgeries. She agrees with you.

Be aware - even a lawyer or State Insurance Grievance could not get Kaiser to pay for it - so it came out of my pocket! My health is so much better - so I do not regret my choice, but it was a lot of out pocket $.

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I know I did an appeal with Kaiser and they lied so much and denied referral out of network. They are the worst crooks. Unprofessional, uncompassionate, liars.
I did my surgery with Samji already and paid cash for it and also feel so much better. Don’t regret my decision. Will do my other side I’m February with a ppo plan. Kaiser spends more money in attorneys than on care!