Share your glimmer of light!

Trying to forget 2020? Oh yes, same here. But DON’T forget that there were some good things that happened to us this year too! Let’s put our heads together and come up with a list of small but good things to make us smile as 2020 passes – thank goodness – into history.

What was your small but good thing this year? Do tell! It will do everyone good to see some points of light!

Sharon from Modsupport learned to make masks. (Who would have thought that would ever be a good thing?). Seenie got into sourdough bread baking, and she’s got the waistline to prove it. TJ made his sister very happy by doing some home improvements for her.

Share your little glimmer on a reply below.

From all of us, warm wishes to you and yours in the coming year and always.

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I have happy memories of the VE day socially distanced street party we had in our little cul-de-sac in June, and the clap for carers with neighbours we did every Thursday evening through our first lockdown in the UK…& I’ve learnt to do an online supermarket shop!


I discovered many hiking trails in my area & made some new friends who like to spend the day hiking.

My husband retired and that has been a positive plus an adjustment! Hoping to do some traveling in 2021 that was postponed in 2020. We have stayed COVID-free so far. Thank you, God!

I learned to use Zoom, but as with all things technical, only learned “the tip of the iceberg”. Old dog here. Learning new tricks is tough! :dog: :joy:


I found so many wonderful people on this site, now close friends!

I was handedly schooled nightly by my kids at Scrabble while quarantined…who knew they could make those words so well :joy:

One day while sitting in an Aspen forest after a flash rain storm two adolescent moose came within 10 feet …thankfully they were curious and not territorial … it was AMAZING

Please share your sparkling moments…


Although 2020 was bad in so many ways, it was also the time (in August) when I was finally diagnosed with Jugular Compression due to Eagle Syndrome. After 3 1/2 years of severe headaches, lightheadedness, pain, cough, & visual symptoms there was actually a name for it! AND they could prove it with imaging.

Another bright spot was being able to finally see our son, grandson, & daughter-in-law in Ohio. Or plans were cancelled in the spring due to COVID, but we saw them in July and in November.

I also learned how to create an online store & did curbside pickup for the refuge store that I manage. It was a huge task, but I figured it out! We even had a month where sales were over what we had in 2019. I think that in itself, kept me going when I would rather have stayed in my pajamas & do nothing on my days off.