Should I stop performing

I am a professional musician Guitar player singer … Performing brings on my Es symptoms worse than anything. Should I stop performing ??

I think we all have to make decisions about whether to continue doing things which make ES symptoms worse, usually it’s hobbies etc rather than work, although some members have been in too much pain to keep working. It’s one of those things that only you can decide how much you cope with…
There have been some discussions about voice problems with ES, & an article published too, here’s a link:
Pro singer just diagnosed! So many questions… (and want to connect with other singers!) - General - Living with Eagle
So sorry that it’s affecting your work, I hope you can get some treatment soon!

I would assume this comes down to tolerance of the pain and symptoms as well as consulting with a doctor who has experience with Eagles. Have you had a CT scan and confirmed an Eagles diagnosis?
I think that would be important to find out first. In general eagles is progressive. The more it is inflamed and irritated, it swells causing more pain and symptoms. You can get into some pretty vicious pain cycles if it is not addressed. ie: Why poke the bear?

I agree w/ Jules & Snapple - the decision about stopping your performing is really up to you. It may not be that you need to completely stop & that cutting back to part time or very part time will really help reduce your symptoms. I anticipate that at some point after your elongated styloids are removed, you’ll be able to get back to it full time.