Shoulder and neck pain

I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the exact nature of neck and shoulder pain that people are getting as part of their Eagle's Syndrome. I have a shoulder which sits about 1 inch lower on the side which I get all of my other symptoms on. I have had extensive physio, rehab exercises and chiro without any long term relief. I get pain and spasms in my levator scap and all around the lower traps and shoulder blade. My arm does feel weaker on that side but i've never have any neurological symptoms. Overhead activities really flare it up. I also get pain at the base of my neck upon waking and pain on the affected side of my neck in various trigger points. Have other people had similar problems? Did they go away after surgery?

I can hardly remember what it was like to not have this pain as i've had it for about 10 years. If I thought I would get relief from it it would definitely change my approach to pushing for a full styloidectomy after having minimal improvement from having the calcified ligament only removed.

Also did people get improvement from any tinnitus they might have had? I have it pretty bad in both ears but it could be due to too many heavy metal concerts when I was young ;-)

HI Aussie. I have had the same symptoms on the left side. Levator Scap is really full of trigger points and pain at the base of my neck in the traps. I had surgery in April, external approach, entire styloid removed. The pain was less after the surgery, the drilling pain at the base of my neck has subsided but it still flares up but not as bad as before the surgery. I am glad I had both styloids out. Many other symptoms have subsided. I get a little tinnitus, that comes and goes too. Good luck, and keep us posted. Styloids are a pain in the neck.... literally.

Yes I get pain at my right collar bone travelling up tru the neck into the jaw and mastoid bone! I hate eagle syndrome with a passion does anyone else have lots of swollen lymph nodes in their neck due to eagles??

Hi there, i had the external styloidectomy on the 12 of august for my left side and it gave me an instant relief for the neck/shoulder/back/ and the muscles on the left side down. I went through the same situation as you getting physical therapy that would not help.

Now i'm currently waiting to get my right styloidectomy.

Hi Aussie! I have the exact kind of pain (neck, shoulder, ear) and even in my arm. But only on the left side.

The surgery (16 days ago) didn't helped improving those specific symptoms.

But my Dr explained to me today that behind the styloid there are 3 cranial nerves that get compressed when the styloid its elongated. He gave a medicine called tegretol (prescribed for trigeminal neuralgia) and I have felt some improvement. Before the surgery, acupuncture helped me to relieve this kind of pain.

I believe that I need to get another surgery to remove the whole styloid to get rid of all this pain.

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