Sinus pain

Hello, I was just wonder if some of You have the symptoms similar to sinus pain. I mean pain of sinus & pain behind nose & palate pain and pressure. The symptoms are getting worse when bend my head down. Like something was pushing my palate and sinus. Often I can also feel the pulsing on the top on the nose close to the eye (don't know if it's nerve or some cartotid). Has anybody have/had these symptoms, and has been operated and if the pain is gone?

I'm just waiting for next visit to oral suregon, to have the surgery date fixed.

Thanks a lot. Agnes

Yes! This was my first symptom and I thought it was sinus related and had all sorts of treatments for my sinuses to se if it would clear up (ie. Netti pot, allergy shots, allergy meds, etc) but nothing worked. And it’s only on my right side. That’s when I knew something else was the cause. And that’s when I started my extensive research and found Eagles. I haven’t had surgery yet, but I hope that it does go away when I do. It’s been bothering me for approximately 5 years now. I hope you get relief with your surgery. Please keep us posted.

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Oh thank You for Your answer. I was wonder becouse not a lot of people have these strange symptoms. I feel the pressure all the time, never gone, sometimes also the jaw pressure as the jaw would be in different position and not fix to the rest (just to explain). I have this sinus pain mainly on left side, but sometimes happened on the right side too. So I'm wonder why it's happen, is it some some carotid pressed that is going from the neck to the face? Thanks for sharing.

I also have the sinus like pain, it’s all on the left side of my face. Started in the left corner of my eye and left side of my nose. Nose on that side even feels swollen at times. Had a sinus ct scan first and it showed nothing. Then had the soft tissue of neck. It has gotten worse through the years and my whole eye hurts and even my temple now. Also that eye feels dry all the time and my right side and eye feel normal. Hurts down into my jaw and neck all the way over to my hyoid bone and I get the feeling I have something in the left side of my throat. I also had all of the sinus treatment but I have found my symptoms get worse when I have sinus infection or allergies are bad, it’s weird. Almost like it aggravates it. I also did my own research and brought the Eagle syndrome to the attention of my ENT dr myself.

I have exactly the same symptoms. Pain in left side of nose and corner of eye, pulsating in that place, swollen nose,

temple pain. I can even activate this pain by myself touching the neck where the styloid is or touching the temple. Seems I'm not alone with that terrible kind of pain.

Yes I’ve been getting that sinus feeling too along with a dry eye feeling. Still not sure if it’s sinus or the ES

I get the sinus pain at times, and pressure, most mornings I wake feeling stuffed up although my nose is dry. It goes off later, but is usually only on my worst side. The stuffed up feeling is quite common, there's been mention of it in discussions before. My eyes are dry too- but it might be an idea to get them checked by an optician (there's quite a simple, painless test they can do with a dye which only takes a minute), as I had mine checked, thinking it was only the left eye as that gets quite sore, but it turns out it was both eyes, and they were starting to get damaged because they were so dry. I've now got eye drops for them. I don't know if it's the ES causing the dryness, or possibly an autoimmune disease. I also get a very dry mouth, but again it's worse on the left side! Weird, that's the way it goes! I have surgery soon, so will have to see what improves!

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Hi. Sinus pain is just one of the many symptoms of Eagle's Syndrome. The calcified hylo-styoid process is inflexible and irritates the muscles and tendons in and around the entire area from the skull (to which is attached) and the hyoid bone in the throat. Until it is surgically removed the irritation gets worse and eventually affects all the facial nerves. Trigeminal neuralgia, Glossopharyngeal neuralgia (plus an number of other neural symptoms) appear and become extremely painful. One is not sure if it is toothache, earache, sinus pain, headache - even eyes, tongue, shoulder and neck.

I have had both sides operated on to remove the calcified ligaments. They were quite long - 4.5cm and 6.5cm. All the symptoms disappeared after the surgery - but, it took quite a long time to get the 'normal' feeling back in my face and neck. After the second surgery the left hand side of my face was mildly paralysed - but the movement came back with physio and time. The scar tissue on the right hand side gives me headaches and earache for time to time - I then go back for physio. My physio purchased a TENS machine for me (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) where I place electrodes onto my face (where I have been directed) and the tiny impulses help to reduce the pain.

Sadly, Eagle's Syndrome is not easy to diagnose or live with. Plus, there are post-surgery symptoms such as dry eye, dry mouth and tightness along the scar right inside the neck. But, this is better than living with the pain of pre-surgery symptoms.

Hope this helps! Bless You xxx


Hello, I just read Your post. Thank You very much for describing Your case so deeply and detailed. Yes it's true that the diagnosis is very difficult. I have been diagnosed by myself, as nothing else was found and each doctor confirmed - You are completly healthy - but the pain was worse and worse... Then through www I found some X ray and CT scan that shows the styloid, and compared with mine to get the diagnosis. Then the oral suregon that is specified with Eagle, confirmed it. Tomorrow I should have the surgery date fixed. he operates by the neck and told me, there shouldn't be any complication, but I read a lot of post-surgery symptoms as You describe. It's so paintful that only the person that has it can understand. He also confirmed from Xray my styloid have about 6 cm but still to be confirmed. Now I have also 3d scan that show styloid very clearly. Still thank You very much, also for confirmation/ sharing with me that after surgery this terrible pain should disappeared. It helps a lot.

I had pretty much all of these same symptoms. I had the external surgery and all pain is gone!!! I felt great right after surgery and every day I felt better. My energy increased with the increased blood flow to my head and brain. All sinus, carotid, neck, tinnitus, eye twitching...etc. About 19 symptoms disappeared pretty quickly. Every week I felt better. For about the first 6 - 9 months I noticed I needed to take a very warm shower within a half hour or so of waking up or I would get a headache from the neck pain. Now it is over year and I no longer have the back of the neck pain where my styloids were cut so they can't grow any more. It is the best thing I ever did. I didn't have much pain afterwards at all. I think I only took one or two pain pills and that was it. Every day seems like a blessing now instead of trying to bear the pain through each day! Schedule quick and enjoy the relief! Good luck.

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Can I ask what dr did your surgery?

Sure, Dr. Bradley Simmons, an ENT in Canandagua, new york. He did it external 1 1/2 years ago and you can't find the scars on my neck. Wonderful job!!!

Thank you for that info!

Hello to everybody,

I'm just the second day after surgery- it was external, and to be onest I don't see any results right now. My biggest problem was sinus pain and pressure and this symptoms still exist. My suregon said that the styloid was about 5,5cm, he removed 3,5 cm and still remain about 2 cm- but this is normal and can't give any pressure more. There were big pressure on internal carotid and mandible. I'm wonder if it's possible to recover with time, or the positive results should be immediately after surgery? I read Your post and You have quite immediate relief. Morover I have swollen neck and chin and have problems with mouth nerve and muscles but this should dissapear with time. My most fear is that the surgery didn't hep even if such a lot of styloid was taken off. Thank You for all Your comments, Agnes


Dear Kimmiesue, Dear Shanna

I decided to write You directly. Hope You will read this post. You are the person that I found have/ had the similar symptoms that mine. Mostly the sinus pain, nose pain and pressure, gum pressure. I'm 5 weeks after external surgery of left styloid and there is no relief at all. My styloid was about 5-5cm- 6cm and doctor said that took out 3,5cm. Means that left about 2,5cm. My most symptoms from begining was more in the sinus and nose area than in the throat (but I feel nerve pulsating in the throat as well). Now I'm going to second post operative visit but till now I heard "I need to wait". During that time I found different Clinic and different Suregon, I'm waiting for post operative CT and will be decided if the second surgery will be done ( this time probably intraoral). Please give me Your feedback if possible? Have You had the sinus pain? Did it go away after surgery? Was the surgery external/or internal? And how much of styloid was removed? It was full or partial? In my opinion when the symptoms are mainly at the higher part of face as sinus/nose, they can be probably caused by upper part of the styloid, so maybe would helped to remove full styloid? Waiting for Your feedback and advice. Each comment is important to me. Thank You Agnes


I must say I'm glad I kept my list of original complaints. I can't remember a lot of them any more. My surgery was external. I believe both styloids were completely removed and cut so they couldn't grow again. I had both done at once since I had to travel for the surgery and couldn't get more time off of work. I did have a lot of throat, head and sinus pain before surgery. I had some immediate relief after surgery and every day I noticed I felt better and better. It has been 1 1/2 years and it is hard to remember how miserable I was. A lot of the pain was from every nerve, tendon, ligament, muscle and carotid artery was pinched and squeezed so tight. I must say it is well worth it to travel to a good doctor. I've seen a lot of people writing on this website about not so good results. Is your carotid artery involved? One thing I did notice was that I needed a very nice hot shower every morning within a half hour of waking or I would get a headache starting at the back of my neck. It would be almost like a migraine. That was for about the first year. Now I don't have to take a shower right away or so hot. It still feels great to have the warm water on the back of my neck, though. I hope some of this is helpful to you. Good luck

This is a little late, but I have had more surgeries this summer, etc. Sinus pain is connected, however, do not assume that is all that is wrong or can be a problem. I had the SCDS, Eagles and then along came a CSF leak from behind my nose. It caused horrible sinus/migraine pain, along with other symptoms.

I had that surgery in May; but then three separate infections became apparent in my sinuses. Medication seemed to fix that, after two regimens. Then it returned, I even had yellow fluid flow out of my nose; I had a CT scan of my sinuses on 9/22 and by the 24th, I was in such pain I was going to go to the hospital if it hadn't improved by Friday or I wasn't able to get into my family dr. They got me in. I had an inflamed nerve which runs out of the skull just above the left eye; this nerve is connected to the one which goes past the jaw joint. I had thought I might have Bell's Palsy, the dr. had considered shingles. At least I wasn't going to die right then... although I felt like it. Worse pain even then Eagles.

Fri. my ENT got me in; he said the CT scan showed massive blockage from infection in the sinus on the left side.. He did an exam and said the healing of the CSF surgery had created a scar over part of the sinus drainage system, allowing everything to back up and hide germs.

I am on prednisone and antibiotics. When the infection clears my ENT will fix the flap. Thank God I do not have to go back to Seattle to have it done.

So, I have learned over the years of having weird things gone on in my body, I do not discount anything until I research thoroughly. And Keep track of symptoms, no matter how crummy I feel.

My sister said afterward when I was telling her, she said she thought it sounded like it even could have been a tumor. I had not even considered that.

Oh, and my ENT said to not use the nasal washes too much, as the water can stay in the sinuses and take several days to drain, if you had any oddity in there. I had been using one fairly consistently.

LONG STORY... but important.

Hello,I've had those symptoms for years and was diagnosed with sinus disease. I had sinus surgery years ago and still have post nasal drip and coughing. I have sinus pain and tmj pain along with neck and ear pain.I even was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome and had the surgery to remove the first rib and the scalene muscle to open the space and decompress the nerves and blood vessels.I have pain now that is worse and I think the compression is higher up in the hyoid region so thoracic outlet surgery didn't work.So whatever you do make sure it corrects the problem or it will be surgery that will not alleviate your pain. Hope this helps. Thanks Shortie

Hi Agnes did you have your surgery and did it help? Are your sinus symptoms gone