Sinus surgery

I guess this section isn’t used much, but if any sees this, I’d appreciate prayers. I got a second opinion from an ENT. He thinks my neck/jaw pain and dysphasia is muscular due to my sinus congestion etc. and is planning to do surgery this week.

It’s a bit quiet!!
I will gladly pray for you and your surgery- hope all goes well, and let us know how you get on.
God Bless, Jules

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Praying but it sounds like you may have the Vascular form of ES.

Jules please send quite a few up for me! My right ear experience is VERY Different from the left. I can feel the bone moving from nerve to nerve😩
It doesn’t ALWAYS hurt but it is VERY uncomfortable.
For now I have energy but the nausea is debilitating.
PLEASE PRAY that I will FEAR NOT and proceed with surgery.

Thank you! And, I’ll pray also. I’ve been afraid too.

Thanks. My CT with contrast didn’t show any extra styloid length or calcification. The first ENT won’t see me anymore, so I went to this one who wants to try sinus surgery first.

I am sorry to hear you are poorly, I hope it all goes well for you and you feel better soon.x

Are you a moderator? My issues mimic vascular eagles, but are supposedly caused by bulging cervical discs. I appreciate all the support this group has been. I can delete my account or just stop getting email notifications. Thanks!

That’s interesting- has your sinus surgery helped at all? My vascular ES issues worsened when I had a disc problem- I put it down to the shift in everything in my neck bringing the styloids into contact with the veins more, and after the styloids were removed the vascular symptoms improved loads. Are they offering you any treatment for the disc problem?
If you cancel the email notifications, then you can keep your membership open in case anything else crops up if you want?