Six years after

I can’t believe that it’s been 6 years since such a complex diagnosis turned my world upside down!

Like many of you, this network has helped me to sort through A LOT of emotions and pain.

I have ( to date) had a good outcome with my surgical results. I went back to work, had to come back out and am back working and in school ( prayerfully I will get to finish and pursue my passion in counseling).

Eagle Syndrome taught me to FIGHT! Especially after losing quite a few family members and friends ( I guess the idea of witnessing me flatline for 8 seconds and come back was not a repeat option for many).

Nevertheless, I am on this platform to remind readers that you have purpose. You are a fighter, and that this condition is not your definition.

I will say that I had to modify my eating habits, and purpose my body to rest but, other that somewhat symptom free.


So pleased that your surgery was successful and that you’ve done well in your career, and best wishes for your counselling course!
Thank you for coming back to the forum to share your experience!


Really great for you to return after so many years & share what surgery has done for you @Blessu2 . Your outcome is what we all hope for. Like Jules, I hope you’re able to get that counseling degree. That’s a tough career & takes a special type of person to do it. :hugs:


Thank you for the well wishes. I would have reported sooner but couldn’t get into the email that was linked to this platform.

Once I finally got in, the ES emails that I missed kept coming and God reminded me of how I relied on this community at a time when MY doctors had a vague understanding of what ES is.

As I said in my initial email, I’m still In progress. I see a neurologist 2-4 times a year. I have no feeling in my left neck but I’m alive, working, in school, and a little lonesome but Lords will, I plan to come back and pray for those who have embarked upon the journey that some of us have begun to experience the sunnier side of and give some encouragement.

Jules God bless you for staying the course.

AND God’s continued blessing to us ALL.