Some advice?

Hi everyone, I’ve been having a few issues for about 2 months with my throat feeling ‘off’ it feels uncomfortable sometimes and I get shooting pains in the right side of my neck, face and throat. I’ve always had problems with my ears and tonsils but I was having a poke around in my throat as you do, and could feel a lump, underneath my right tonsil, when I’ve felt around about more I can actually feel behind my tonsil a sort of hard, pointy long ‘object’ it’s quite tender and is exactly where I feel the weird sensation in my throat, does anyone think this could be eagles syndrome? There’s not much on the net about it, and reading people’s posts it sounds like it’s hard to get aDiagnosis!

Thanks in advance

Hi Jayne88, and welcome to the site! A lot of people find that they can feel the styloid process in their throat like that, and that it can set the pain off when it’s pushed.
As for getting a diagnosis, if you look in the Newbies section, there’s lots of ES Info about what causes it and the best scan to get a diagnosis etc. There’s also a doctors list under the Doctors section with a list of docs who are familiar with ES; it’s worth travelling to see them. Some members have found getting a scan done and then sending that to the doctors first helps, as it can save you a wasted journey and money!