Spot on Tonsil

Hi there,
Hope everyone is coping. I have not yet been diagnosed with eagles as very few in the UK seem to have even heard of it. However I think it is likely this is what I have got. I was wondering if anyone has had any issues with marks on their tonsils. I have found this white lump on my right tonsil and it feels as though there is something in there. Take a look if you can and let me know what you think, obviously going to do to the doctors about this is a no no atm. All the best to everyone!

Although difficult to tell for sure. I had something that looked similiar when I was younger in several spots in my tonsils and they were called tonsil stones. I eventually had my tonsils out. My daughter now has the same thing. She regularly cleans hers out.

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Looks like a tonsil stone. I had them a few years ago before it was known that I had ES. They eventually disappeared after I gargled with salt water daily. Interesting that you have them. I thought they were what was causing my neck pain at that time.

Quite a few members do seem to get tonsil stones, don’t know if there’s a link or if it’s just coincidence…you did well to get that photo!!

Hi TChitty ~

That is a pretty amazing picture! Good work!! I expect you’ve been given advice to try to see Mr. Axon if possible as he’s the most experienced w/ ES in the UK. There are several other doctors there who are also familiar with it & have done ES surgeries for our members. If you’re getting the runaround as far as a diagnosis goes, it would be worth it to see the most experienced doctor unless cost &/or traveling are prohibitive for you.

Thanks everyone. I had thought perhaps it was a tonsil stone, unfortunately my gag reflex will not permit me to gouge it out of there. Thanks for the compliments on my photography, perhaps I should consider a future in some kind of graphic medical photography. Although, that too might upset the gag reflex. All the best to everyone, stay safe and happy!!


Hi TChitty,
This looks very similar to what I also had in my throat with my Eagles. The doctors said it looked weird but had no idea. I think you are on to something and don’t give up in getting answers and help. I had external surgery two years ago but still have some spots. Maybe they never go away…sorry and stay strong. We will be praying for you for answers.
Sincerely, Patti

Hi, I’m in the UK and was diagnosed last September after having a tonsillectomy. Your white spot looks like tonsil stones. I used to get these a lot, they are harmless. I used to scrape mine or sometimes they would just fall out. A bit yucky and unfortunately usually come back. Maybe check it out online to see what you think?
Regards KT