Styloid poking through tonsil?

I noticed a white spot on my tonsil. I have read it is possible for TNT styloid bone to poke through the tonsil. Could someone share a picture of what this looks like? I am hoping it’s just a tonsil stone but I’ve never had those before and my styloid on the side where I found the spot was 4cm in April. Please share a picture if you can find one or have one. Thank you!

I've seen one photo on here someone had copied from a journal of a styloid process which had grown right through into the back of the throat; I think it was from an Indian medical journal. Certainly from what I remember in the time I've been coming on here I've not heard of it happening to anyone, so hopefully yours is a tonsil stone. Hopefully others on here who've had tonsil stones can help more- are you going to get it checked out with your doctor?

Here's a pic from google images:

Image result for tonsil stones images

Farm girl's had trouble with tonsil stones before- perhaps you could message her if you think you might have one? Never had them myself, thankfully.

Is this the pic you've seen before- I feel for this person! I found it on google posted by someone who'd just been diagnosed with ES and was looking for images. I think that would give you nightmares!

I've had tonsil stones before, but I'm sorry I don't have a picture of what it looked like in my tonsil. My tonsils were not visible when I opened my mouth. I started coughing the stones up, that's how I knew that I had them. I had my tonsils removed in January this year and have not been coughing them up anymore thankfully. You should probably be assessed by an ENT. They have scopes that they can use to get a closer look.

Holy crap? Did those just grow in that person? I don’t get it