Steroid injection today great result so far!

I had a steroid injection today into the right styloid area and the results so far have been great. After about two hours shoulder pain gone, pain behind eye gone, neck swelling greatly reduced ( can turn my head fully to the right now) tongue swelling reduced, throat feels normal size less constricted, ate without feeling like throwing up even had seconds (which was a mistake because I over stretched my stomach which was a bit uncomfortable for a while), not feeling as tired and fatigued more energy in the late afternoon. Amazing I hope it lasts time will tell. I had the injection to help identify which symptoms are ES and which may be attributable to something else. So far it looks as though all my main symptoms are coming from the elongated styloids. My right side causes the most problems but I have bilateral elongation. Dr Jeremy Druce in Melbourne Australia, Interventional Radiologist, did the injection with CT Scan guidance. He injected 3ml of steroid not sure which specific type. He opted not to do a local anaesthetic as well because I have allergy issues with some types. He used a small amount of local to numb the entry point for the injection only. Can’t wait to schedule surgery now to remove the styloid, get relief and go back to being a normal healthy person again!

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That’s great that you’re feeling so much better, & that as so many symptoms have improved it confirms the ES diagnosis! I hope it lasts!
Will Dr Druce do the surgery too if you opt for it?

What happy news, Angelmum! Do glad you did get relief from the steroid injection. I hope you can enjoy your pain free time to the max!


Yes, happy news! I’m feeling great hearing your relief and I haven’t even had a shot!

Hi Jules

Thank you for your kind words. No, Dr Druce is not doing the surgery he just has experience with doing the injections because he takes referrals from my ENT - Dr Ross Triolo. Dr Triolo is a ES believer but he is a relative newbie to the field. He only finished his Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery fellowship 18 months ago. He studied for a year in the US as a part of his fellowship and assisted in 23 styloidectomies there but has only performed one solo ES operation since he finished training. I will probably be his second ES op. For a range of reasons to do with planned travel and work commitments I probably wont get the surgery done until September. I am happy to share Dr Triolo’s contact details but feel it might be better to wait until after my surgery to see how he goes since he is relatively inexperienced. Unfortunately there are not a lot of options for surgeons in Melbourne or Australia for that matter who will take on this type of thing so will need to place my trust in Dr Triolo and hope it all works out okay. He seems to be nice guy who, so far, has been sensibly conservative in his approach to my situation which is complicated by a number of allergies to all sorts of things including lots of pharmacueticals and some anaesthetic agents. I’m keen to have the surgery but there will need to be some careful thought and planning beforehand to reduce the risk factors against a good outcome. Take care.

Angelmum -

I applaud your bravery in being willing to work w/ a “newbie” in the medical field. You are part of the experience base that will help him to become an outstanding doctor in his field. If not for those willing to take chances on “the new guy”, these younger doctors wouldn’t be able to practice & learn & become good, experienced doctors.

Based on what you know of him, he already seems like a good choice. I’ll be praying that his work with you will provide you w/ relief from your ES symptoms. I’m sorry you have to wait till Sept. but if your symptoms are tolerable most days then there is no hurry for surgery.


You may well get asked for his details anyway as there’s so few doctors that we’re aware of in Australia! But it’s a good idea to be cautious until after your surgery, I hope that you’re not in too much pain while you wait.