Steroid Injections

I have had 2 CT scans…most recent CT shows elongations of styloid 3.5 on left and 4.0 on the right My pain level has not been as bad as it has in the past. Lately the dizziness and off balance feeling has bothered me the most. Saw a new ENT today who offered to do a steroid injection (although he has never done them before). I figure, what’s the harm in trying? He believes I have Eagles but is not certain and said the steroid injection could even be somewhat diagnostic if it helps.

I am interested in hearing anyone’s experience with steroid injections and if there have been any adverse effects from it.

Thank you.

I know Kay has tried them, and has been having reasonable pain relief with them while she thinks about surgery. Others have not had so much success- I think it’s like everything else, there’s an element of skill with the doctor

Here’s a link to a previous discussion.

So, Jules, do you think I should try them? He said by reading (I was impressed he actually looked it up) he would know exactly where to put the injection.

From other posts I’ve read, as a temporary measure, to help with pain relief until you can get an appointment or surgery date then it might be helpful… I’m sure from past discussions I did read of one person who found the pain was worse, but quite a few people have found it helps in the short term. And if it does help, then for a lot of docs that can help confirm the diagnosis. I’ve not had them myself though, so can’t say personally.