Still Having Trouble Just Getting a Diagnosis

I Just uploaded 3 images of CT & xRay. I would like to know from the diagnosed individuals in this community (based on images & symptoms) if any of you think I have classic ES. I am having trouble finding a doctor that will even consider the "never heard of it" all elusive ES. Could someone point me in the direction of a doctor in my area.

Thank you all!

Hi, Southern Rancher, check out Emma's database for a dr. recommendation:

It is important we not ask members to weigh in on a diagnosis or interpret scans, as that is a job for a doctor. I hope the list is instrumental and helps you find a good one. Best wishes!

Southern rancher, where you from?

I live in Michigan and had to go to Chicago, but it was better than seeing a dozen docs who were unfamiliar with ES. None of us here could probably read your scan, but if you are careful with your choice of doc’s, they can tell you what they see and what they can do for you

I live in central Oklahoma near OKC

My mistake, SR, this is the most recently updated list:

I will delete the older version to avoid confusion.

There is also a Eagles Syndrome group on facebook that you could go and maybe find others from Oklahoma

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Oh ok cool, thank you Ivy! I can’t believe that I have never gave that thought.