Stylohyoid Ligament Calcification and Hyoid Bone Elongation

Hi All,

I traveled from Minneapolis to Columbus, OH this week to meet with Dr. Forrest in hopes he would do surgery for me. I have slightly elongated styloids, a calcified ligament and an elongated hyoid bone. Dr. Forrest reviewed my scans and did an exam on me today. He is going to do external surgery through the neck tomorrow to remove about 2 cm of my hyoid bone that is scraping on my spine and my calcified ligament which is calcified near my hyoid all the way up to my styloid process. He thinks that hyoid bone syndrome and eagles syndrome are related.

I will update all of you after surgery and let you know how I am doing. Thanks for all your support on here!


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Best of luck Christian!!!

Can't wait to hear the good news!

Good luck tomorrow. Sending positive thoughts.

Great news! Good luck to you!

Hope all went well for you. Prayers for healing and comfort. Keep us posted on how you are doing.

You are in good hands. Prayers are with you!

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay positive!

JKL said:

You are in good hands. Prayers are with you! with

Good luck did it work you would know right off the bat

Hi Christian,

What sort of symptoms were you getting that may have been related to the elongated hyoid? Clicking or pain when swallowing or turning the head? Neck ache, shoulder ache or headaches?

I have had the right stylohyoid ligament removed and the process shortened but still have what feels like a weak swallow on that side. Also a strong crunching sensation between the hyoid/thyroid when I swallow which only started after the surgery. I am now wondering if the hyoid bone has been causing part of my problem all along. You are lucking to find someone who has considered this as part of your problem. Here in Australia the doctors treat you like you been looking up the internet too much when you suggest such a thing.

All the best with your recovery,


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Aussie77, I have/had neck cracking, shoulder pain, neck pain, on and off chest pain and chronic cough, and horrible throat and ear pain. I never get headaches. My hyoid, as dr. Forrest told me, was three times as thick as a normal sized hyoid and elongated. It was rubbing on my spine which was part of the cracking sounds in my neck. Dr. Forrest is the one who reviewed my CT and after talking with me suggested that the hyoid may be more of the culprit than my styloid... the verdict is still out on that

Christian22, how are you doing after surgery?

I just posted a more detailed update, but I am doing ok. I am just starting to see signs of improvement. It wasn't immediate. I wonder how I am going to feel a week from now, a month from now, a year from now, if I will have to have the other side done (I'm bilateral). So many unknowns. That is a struggle in its self. I have had this for so long (15 years), I wonder if there is actual hope that I will feel normal again. I have fear and anxiety about what if this surgery doesn't fix me. Overall though, I am just trying to stay positive and hope for the best.

It has been really hard to swallow. I still have facial, throat, and ear pain but the surgical side is less painful. I hope the pain gets less and less. I figure I have had this a really long time, so it may take longer for my nerves to settle.



You're on the very early end of recovery. Don't expect to start noticing improvement for about 2 weeks. The first 2 weeks are the worst as far as post-surgical pain. I had external styloid shortening on my right side (I also have bilateral ES) on 11/17. Part of my face is still numb, 1/2 of my tongue has lost it's motor function (but not it's feeling), & I'm still tender to the touch in & around my ear. The surgical site isn't painful at all. My doctor said it would be 2-4 months before my tongue function & facial feeling begin to return. I'm not worried about it & am adapting to the changes. Just glad the styloid is gone. I'll have my second one shortened in May if my current healing progresses well enough to make my doctor happy. Stick faithfully to your pain meds schedule for the first 2 weeks & you'll feel much better at the end of that time.

Praying for your quick recovery.

Isaiah 40:31

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Thinking of you! x

Hoping you are making progress each day as you recover…

Does anyone know what happened to christian? Is he doing okay?

Christian22 hasn’t posted in a long time. Unless someone has PMed him & has an update, all the info we have is in his posts.

@Christian22 - I know this is from quite some time ago. I’m wondering how you’re doing now. I may end up needing this surgery soon, so I’m trying to gather as much info as possible. Thanks.

So did you have your styloids shortened first and had a surgery again to remove it completely? How many surgeries have you had in total?