Styloid Excision

Looking for answers any help or direction would be great. The Styloid Process bone & ligament connecting it to the hyoid bone obviously are there for a reason. My question is : If the calcified section of the ligament and/or the styloid bone is removed successfully and one has a successful recovery post opp, what prevents the hyoid bone from migrating randomly in ones throat causing a number of extra symptoms? I guess my question would be considered for those of you that have had the surgery and any medical "professionals" or doctors. Please help shine some light on this concern because I cant seem to find a discussion concerning this exact topic! Thanks everyone! ;)

Great question! There are many other muscles that attach to the hyoid bone which play a bigger role in aligning and securing the hyoid bone. So those compensate making sure the hyoid bone won't wander off with removal of the stylohyoid ligament.

In addition to what Beary said, the stylohyoid ligament plays a minor roll in swallowing. It is somewhat like your apendix in that if it's missing, you won't notice it. I have had one side removed & the other will be leaving in a week. I can hardly wait!! I have had no problem so far with the missing side (I'm 6 months post op). I hope this helps.


Thank you for the info. I don’t check back as quickly as I should but I really do appreciate your 2 cents. I will post pictures of my styloids reconstructed to 3d from CT cervical scan.

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