Hyoid bone involvement

Hi all,
I’m trying to gather as much information before I speak to my doctor again later this month. I’ve had my styloid process on the right side removed. According to my scan, I have calcification stemming from my hyoid bone on my left side, but my doctor didn’t seem to want to touch it for the time being. I wonder if anyone who has had both styloid elongation and hyoid bone involvement found relief with just the styloid process removal. Also, is there a basis for hyoid bone clipping in the journal literature or first hand reports from anyone’s experience? Thanks for all your help.


Ive had three surgeries for each side regarding styloid and then for my hyoid. Now my hyoid is calcyfying on both sides... what surgeries have you had? and what are your symptoms?


I had an op on the hyoid bone prior to have the styloid process shortened. He clipped the lesser horn and removed part of the stylohyoid ligament. I was told by the surgeon that it was less risky and might fix my symptoms. Ever since that op 1 year ago my swallow has been worse unfortunately. The surgeon told me that it is not possible and that operating on the hyoid is a routine thing without negative consequences. I have since found this not to be true. There is a delicate balance between the suprahyoid and infrahyoid muscles. Changes in this balance can cause the hyoid to be displaced from it's natural position. Just my personal experience and maybe not typical of this kind of surgery but I would be cautious.

I have just had my right styloid process removed about 4 weeks ago. It was 4 cm long. My symptoms on my left side (where my hyoid bone calcification is) are pain under my jaw, in my throat, neck, and into my lower molars. I am thinking of discussing my options with him in a few weeks, but want to make sure I have my facts together first.

ya, I just remember pain... I don't have as many headaches but recently am having a lot of neck/head discomfort... but i'm not certain it's from the hyoid recalcification... give that side at least 8 months to heal before you think of any other surgeries.. i had my first in 06' second in 07' and hyoid in 11'

I asked my surgeon yesterday about removing calcification from my hyoid bone. He didn't think it would help much seeing we don't use anything around it. He thought a steroid injection to calm down the inflamation would be lasting.

I'm not sure if that would work long term though for pain.

Thank you all for your responses. I’m inclined not to have anything invasive done. My surgeon had suggested a steroid injection also, which I have been considering. I’ll have to sleep on it a little more and see how I feel.

thats a joke your doctor says that… we use EVERY muscle attached!! the hyoid omohyoid muscle goes into clavicle etcetc… we have arteries/nerve vessels, etc… that DR. have no clue… tell him to look up Hyoid syndrome