Styloid Process

Hello - another question for you all (I promise I will leave you alone soon!). Has anyone ever had styloid in tonsil area that breaks through into the mouth, rather like an elephant’s tusk? I have seen a photo of someone to whom this happened online but just wondering if it has happened to anyone in the forum and how you dealt with it. Thx

julia - PLEASE DON’T LEAVE US ALONE!! We’re here to answer questions, encourage & give support on an as needed basis. We want you here as often as you want to be here.

Has this happened to you? I sure hope not! I’ve seen the pictures, too. They look horrendous!!

Hello. Thank you. I am amazed at how supportive you all are. My symptoms get worse by the day so I’m so grateful to be able to quiz you all.

No it has not happened to me but it might. The tusk is prodding downwards on a very fragile tonsil fossa. I’m hoping the bone stays put until I see the specialists!


As mine got worse, it sure felt like it was going to, however it didn’t, but the throat tissue was very sore. It explains the soreness post surgery in that area when I swallow.

When do you see your specialist?
Thinking of you!

I have to let everything heal first and see what resolves.