Styloid touching ECA's

Many thanks to @KoolDude for reviewing my scans )). Your generosity under your circumstances goes above and beyond and I’m so grateful.

He made note of my styloids touching the External Carotid Arteries. As this may or may not be a problem…if any of you have had this circumstance and can comment on:

  • Your doctors opinion of it?
  • Would it be safe to say that moving your head could cause compression (not sure how much both would move together)?
  • Did you have pain that could be attributed to it?
  • And did you have syncope attributed to it?

Many thanks ))

Right & Left Styloid appear to be touching the External Carotid Artery (ECA) : I really do not know the significance of this as I have seen many people with ECA and Styloid touching with no symptoms. It might not be any issue at all but you need to be aware of it.

Here are the Axial & Coronal images of ECA (Red arrow) and Styloid (Cyan arrow) potentially touching each other.

Axial right Styloid touching ECA

Axial left Styloid touching ECA

Cor right Styloid touching ECA

Cor left Styloid touching ECA

Here is the 3D rendering of it.
3d Styloid touching ECA front


@Jules I did find your very helpful post about symptoms, which I’ve looked at before, but I didn’t specifically look at it for ECA. So thank you for that, the questions that I might’ve had.


It can definitely cause pain, and some members have fainted with compression of the carotid artery. If the carotid sinus is irritated that can cause heart arrythmias & blood pressure problems so that could maybe cause fainting?

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