Styloidectomy scheduled for March 27th, 2014

Hi all,

I had a tonsillectomy in October. I am now scheduled for a styloidectomy on March 27th, 2014 to snip my styloid on the left side of throat. As far as know, there isn't any carotid involvement. I do experience vertigo, though. I just have crazy ear "fullness" and headaches, etc. The whole left side of my head has felt swollen for the past year. I have the foreign body sensation. It's pretty miserable.

What kind of recovery time have you all experienced? I have a trip scheduled for April 12th. I'm wondering if I need to wait til I get back or if I can go ahead and do this. I have been so anxious to have the surgery.

My experience with my surgery, It was 4-6 weeks to get my endurance back. Each week, i was slowly feel better. I was able to go to the movies and be out for a few hours the same week I had surgery. My surgeon wanted me to sleep with my head elevated 30 degrees for 10 days. I bought a wedge pillow at Bed Bath & Beyond. Also, I purchased grabber picker upper so I would not bend over to pick things up and put pressure in my head. I try to keep ice pack to help with swelling and helped the pain.

The trip is going to be with my son to a lodge. I think I'm going to wait until I get back. I am in such a hurry to have it done. But, it sounds like it may be more involved than I am expecting. It did take a while after my tonsillectomy to get energy back, come to think of it. I need to buy one of those pillows. I currently can't sleep on my back without waking up with a migraine. (I've read that's called a cervicogenic headache and am guessing it has something to do with my styloid) You are very helpful. Thanks! :)

Hi Ty. I was able to go back to work after 2 weeks, but going to a lodge might be different because you'd be walking around and trying to do fun things. I think you probably could do the trip, but you might be fairly uncomfortable sometimes and wont want to do as much.