Styloidectomy with Mastoidectomy

I had a left side styloidectomy on 13th February. My discharge notes said that a mastoidectomy had also been carried out.

The mastoidectomy hadn’t been discussed with me prior to the surgery. Has anyone else had this done or can explain why it was done?

Hi Dawn94,

The styloid process is attached to the temporal bone of the skull but appears to abut the mastoid process in the pictures I’ve seen. It’s possible that if your surgeon removed your styloid at the skull base, a bit of your mastoid was also removed. Perhaps your styloid was thick enough that it had partially grown into the mastoid thus the need for a small mastoidectomy along w/ the styloidectomy. You should ask your surgeon for an explanation though.

I recently had part of my mastoid surgically removed so a small sac in my inner ear could be accessed to place a tiny drain tube. The surgery was to help stop hearing loss from Meniere’s Disease. Fortunately, I can’t tell that a part of my skull is missing now. :+1: :blush:

I’m a little disappointed the surgeon didn’t go over all that with you either after you woke up or at your follow up. Maybe you haven’t had your follow up yet? But ultimately it sounds like it will have no impact on you that that was also removed. How are you feeling?

Thanks Isaiah, that would seem to make perfect sense (although I was wondering whether there may have been a connection to mastoiditis that I had as a child).
My surgeon, Mr Axon at Addenbrooke’s in the UK, did carry out the surgery extra orally back to my skull base.

Hi SewMomma, I only saw the surgeon very briefly after my surgery and I was still a bit ‘out of it’ (and he was straight off to do another op). He didn’t mention the mastoidectomy.

I have my follow-up with him on 29th March (I had my surgery done in the UK via the NHS, so things take a bit longer - not that I’m knocking the wonderful NHS!).

I’m feeling OK - the sensation of something sticking in my throat has gone and my left eye has stopped it’s constant flicker however I still have a ‘heavy’ sensation somewhere around the back of my ear / back of my tongue that feels like it’s interfering with my breathing.

I’ve also been having a few intense dizzy spells and I can only wear my glasses for about ten minutes or so as they’re making my surgery wound very sore and giving me a bad headache.

I’m still feeling positive though - It’s early days.

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Hi - I’m so glad you had some immediate relief from the removal! I felt a little tipsy too after surgery - went away that third week. I hate that your glasses are sitting on a tender spot! I became blind to the computer and my phone when I turned 40! I could not live without my readers. Perhaps you could cut up a sock or something and get it to wrap around that part that sits on your ear? You sound good. Have you been able to eat a peppermint cream bar yet? :joy:

I too immediately lost of twitch in my eye and my glasses gave me a headache. Went to the eye dr 4 weeks post-op and got new lenses (vision improved). I have only had them two weeks and I think they need changed again! Don’t have follow-up for 5 more weeks - but it is not a obvious as the first time. Just something to keep an eye on:)


I’m glad you recognize you’re still in the early days of recovery. I expect most of your current post op symptoms will disappear with time. Most excellent to read that Mr. Axon did your surgery. He’s one of the best ES surgeons in the UK. Your proposal that the mastoidectomy might be a throw back to an early mastoiditis is an interesting thought. You’ll have to let us know what Mr. Axon says at your follow-up appointment.
Hoping & praying your pain, dizziness, & tongue sensation subside quickly.


I haven’t got round to a peppermint cream bar yet, but I have managed a couple of chocolate Hob Nob biscuits!

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Lovely! It’s the little things… :blush:

Hope you keep on recovering well! The day I could eat a toffee again was amazing, hobnobs are pretty good too!

My ear felt as if it was a cardboard box and didn’t belong to me. My lower earlobe no longer feels numb but the rest of my ear does. I’m 7 months post op. Wishing you a speedy recovery x

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Wishing you a Speedy recovery c

I LOVE chocolate Hob Nob biscuits! YUM! Not so easy to find here in the states, but perhaps I haven’t looked hard enough…


I sympathize, cjeagle. My ear wasn’t affected by my ES surgery as my surgeon only made an incision in my neck not up around my ear as is the practice in England. However, I did just have surgery for Meniere’s Disease which requires an incision behind the ear & the top half of my ear is numb. Feels pretty strange! I suspect you’ll get some sensation back in your ear over time. I’m 4.5 years out from my ES surgeries & a numb portion on my jawline is still regaining feeling bit by bit.