Submandibular gland?

Anyone been told it’s not the styloid and it’s the submandibular gland? This guy couldn’t feel the hard point I was trying to get him to feel.

Yes, initially I was told my pain was in my submandibular gland. Turns out there is nothing wrong with my submandibular gland at all. It was found that I have a calcified stylohyoid ligament by a panoramic xray and then was confirmed that this is consistent with Eagle Syndrome via a CT scan with contrast. Have you had any diagnostic imaging yet?

Yes but the only surgeon out here wanted to deny my styloids are an issue

I initially went for investigations as the sub-mandibular gland the same side as my pain was infected. It cleared by the time I had testing done (long wait for UK NHS!), but as I still had pain they did a panoramic x-ray and found elongated styloids. I still get flare-ups with the gland swelling, but I think it’s possibly from an auto-immune disease. (I have dry, sore mouth, and the same with eyes, plus other symptoms of Sjogrens Syndrome, but blood tests have been clear so far). I think that there has to be a link, as both started flaring up at the same time. There is an inflammatory response in the body with ES, and my theory is that it’s maybe triggered an auto-immune problem- but that’s just my theory!!
Several members have found that they either get dryness in the mouth with ES, or sometimes hypersalivation. I have found a research paper mentioning that (in the ES Info section)- the theory is the nerve causing that is irritated by the styloids/ calcified ligaments.
It should be easy with imaging to see if the gland is inflamed or if the lump you feel is the styloid process.

Yup only thing should up on my scans is styloids of 4.5 but the only surgeon out here is saying that’s fine.

The ‘average’ is 2.5-3cms! So 4.5 cms is pretty long…There is research to show the different measurements different doctors believe are normal, if you feel that you want surgery, you could try showing the doctor that?

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Do u have that link?

Kandi, there’s a section on styloid length in the ES info section in the Newbies category.

Has anyone had non stop intense headache with Eagles?

Hard to find that link right now, raging headache

This study looked at patients with a pre-diagnosis of ES. They had an average length of SP of about 4cms; the report if you’re able to read it uses 2.5 cms as the average for the general population as a comparison. They also mention about the angulation being important- that this gives rise to the severity of symptoms not necessarily the length of SP- pages 3 and 4 have this info.

What was interesting is the way they measured styloid length, which I’ve obviously not noticed before- they measured the styloid process from the temporal bone to it’s tip, but also included any ossification of the stylo-hyoid ligament from there in the length too. So that’s another thing to bear in mind when styloids are measured- not everyone has calcification of this ligament as well, but if they have, and it’s not included in the measurement, that could make a difference to the length when a doctor is deciding if it’s elongated or not. Can’t remember Kandi- do you have calcification of the ligaments as well as elongated processes?

I just saw the resident again and he tried to tell me things that is very opposite to what is said on this site and disputed what’s told buy the CBCT scan I had done.

Word for word it said bilateral calcifaction of the stylohyoid ligaments. The length is 43.7 and 44.3. This dude is is 4.5 is fine. I have a solid bump under my right jaw and he says it would have to be 10cm to reach to that length.

They completely refuse to do surgery on me. They said their tests are better than any and disputed that our private paid test is wrong and a dentist shouldn’t be making the claims they had. They are summing my symptoms as psych

Kandi, I’m so sorry you are at this stage with the doctors. It’s all too common. Once I read my med files I was shocked how long my symptoms have been going on. Did you see the story of the man from Seattle who though he was having mental problems and it turned out to be a large deformity with the bone in front of the voice box? It would have never been found if not for the ENT that did a sort of exploratory surgery. Maybe his surgeon could look at you? That was another UW Doctor. I’m in Kirkland (across Lake Washington from the UW hospital) and still waiting surgeries. I’ll try to help you how I can.