Is this normal?

Have been trying to figure out for about 4 years now what the problem of my discomfort is. Since i’m starting to think doctors don’t really take me seriously anymore i started researching myself. some eagle syndrome seem very familiar but since it’s rather rare i really doubted it might be that. Many doctors appointments later still no clue. doctor suggested i might be grinding my teeth (which i doubt) and prescribed me physical therapy to loosen the muscles but it did not really help. A doctor made a 3d scan from my right jaw to check out some teeth and said everything is normal. now i started looking at the pictures myself and remembering this condition i started wondering if that styloid size can be considered normal.

So here’s the usual caveat…I am not a doctor so my opinion cannot be taken as a medical truth, but the fact that you have a gap at the end of your styloid & then what appears to be a second piece, says to me that either your styloid is broken or your stylohyoid ligament is partially calcified. In either case, the symptoms you’re suffering could absolutely be caused by the styloid process.
If you click on the gray HOME tab at the top of the page, you’ll see a link to the NEWBIES Guide. There is a lot of helpful information there including links to articles about ES which you could print & take w/ you to a future ENT appointment. Sadly, in the absence of doctors who recognize ES you must fight your cause.
Getting a new CT scan that specifically looks at the styloids & s-h ligaments wouldn’t be a bad idea if it’s been several years since you had one. The radiologist should be able to measure your styloid processes. Anything longer than 2.54-3 cm would be considered ES. Also, if your ligaments are at all calcified, this also qualifies as ES.
Please keep us posted!

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I second all that! The second piece of the styloid looks slightly lighter too, which could be that it’s not as dense in calcium, so could be a calcified ligament rather than a bone. It looks long to me, if you work out where even the first piece would be level with your jaw & teeth, it would be around your tonsil area I’d guess, & the ‘average’ length styloid isn’t that long. As Isaiah says though, we’re not doctors…
If you did ask for a second CT, the make sure it’s requested to be evaluated for ES- that they measure the length & angle of the styloid process & the stylo-hyoid ligament.
Best wishes!

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So a quick follow up. After your answers i managed to get transferred to an ENT hospital. A CT scan was done and they injected anesthetics into the very back of my gums to see if the pain was triggered by this area. My ear problems immediately improved and were as good as gone for 4-5 hours. After that they confirmed the ES diagnosis and currently i’m waiting for a surgery date

FANTASTIC!! So glad you got a proper diagnosis & have found a doctor to do your surgery. The CT scans you just posted clearly show your styloid is elongated w/ possible ligament calcification. Surgery should make a world of difference for you!

Good that you have a diagnosis & a plan now- let us know when you get a date, & lots of info in the Newbies Guide section about what to expect from surgery if you’ve not already seen it. (& the past discussions too- they’re searchable by topic.)

I finally got a date for surgery. September 25th

That’s SUPER! Thank you for letting us know. Are you staying in your country or traveling elsewhere? Do you know if it will be external or intraoral?

That’s good, hope that all goes well! I hope that the next month goes quickly for you!