Suggestions for flare up?

Hi everyone, I seem to be having a flare up over the least few weeks/month. Everything is hurting more!

Not sure why this is happening but I have had lots of stress and not able to go for walks or regular massages.

Is there something that has helped you when you have felt increased pain and discomfort? Any suggestions would be really helpful. xx

Poor you, that’s rough…I’m guessing that you’re already sleeping half upright, if not that did help me, not just after surgery but all the time.
If there’s any nerve pain it might be worth looking into medication for that- sorry, I can’t remember if you’re already on those…
I found heat helped me more than ice, ao would sit all evening with a hot water bottle on my face/ neck!
I don’t know whether you’d be able to find anyone to do a lidocaine/ steroid injection into the styloid area, or if you’d be willing to try that? And one member suggested sticking lidocaine patches on their neck, maybe that’s a possibility?
I hope you can find something that works for you, thinking of you…

Thank you Jules, definitely using the heat pack a lot which I’m finding really helpful. Thank you for your ongoing support.

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Stress creates more inflammation in our bodies & that often leads to increased symptoms. Anytime you get out of your regular routine, it creates stress which is most likely why you notice worsening symptoms during those periods.

Jules always gives great advice. I hope what she’s suggested helps you.

Thank you Isaiah, to both you and Jules. That makes a lot of sense about the effects of stress and has made me feel calmer.

Like many, have had lots of stress and changes over the last year during covid period. Thank you once again xx